The Atonement.

TheAtonement Book review: “The Atonement” by Beverly Lewis:

Lucy is a young Amish woman trying to reconcile the sin and poor choices of her past which incl. mending  a strained relationship with her father as a result of those past mistakes. She and her father go to a grief support class together and she thinks he’s going grieving the loss of his father but in actual fact it’s to grieve the loss of THEIR close relationship that they once had but is now broken, and she goes to grieve the loss of her preborn baby 3 YRS ago, which was conceived(and later miscarried) in a forbidden night of passion with her Englischer ex-fiance, a romance frowned upon by her Amish community and that her father ended, causing the strain in their relationship and Lucy’s heartbreak.

Lucy’s past mistake also causes concern for her mother and has been kept secret from her many siblings, with only her sister Martie a confidante,and it has affected her faith and her standing in the church as she struggles to come to terms with God, her faith,and forgiving herself and she tries to atone for her sin and redeem herself thru serving others, incl. helping the homeless and needy where she befriends several people and helps, incl. a single teen mother and her young son,meeting an Englischer man along the way, wary at first of another repeat of the past, also worrying her family, but ends up making a friend in Dale and learning a valuable lesson.

Lucy is also convinced she will never be worthy to ever find love again, settling on being a Maidel,convinced she is now stained or tainted,and rejects Tobe, her life-long best friend, even when he offers to court her, she rejects him even though she has deep feelings for him, thinking she isn’t worthy due to her past, and she is saddened to hear he and his family will be moving away, but with advice from her new friend Dale she finds peace within herself to heal from the past, find self-forgiveness, reconcile with her father, rejoin the church fellowship,and finally accepts Tobe’s love and they eventually marry and have a son. It is a story of redemption and God’s love and forgiveness; that it’s never too late to repent and that any sin can be forgiven, and the past is the past, and it’s never too late to start over.