The Doctor.

Doctor We visited the 18 YR old again and I was talking to his doctor( he gave permission at last so we can help him to get better) and she even asked me what *I* thought was going on with him and I told her probably something like Bipolar Disorder like I have. She didn’t think he was depressed as he didn’t seem depressed but he’s good at hiding it and last time he said he “tricked” the doctor and just told him what he wanted to hear so that they’d let him out, so he can easily fool people,too. She put him on Clonidine for his tics and Haldol as a mood stabilizer and to control his irrational thinking and as well as his usual counselling he’ll also be going to group therapy weekly, cognitive behavioural therapy so hopefully between everything he can get better and find hope and a reason to get better. She also said that it has to come from HIM; that HE has to *want* to live and that the part of him that wants to live has to be stronger than the part of him that wants to die, and that we have to “feed” the part of him that wants to live.

She also said that he shouldn’t stay in the hospital for too long or get too “comfortable” there and that it’s important to his recovery that he gets back to his regular life and responsibilities and that he returns to his family and social life so he’ll be coming home at the end of the week, which would give him a week there to clear his head, be monitored, to see the doctor, to get therapy, to see how the medications go,and to be in a safe place where he can’t harm himself. While we were there today 2 of his friends also came to see him which was nice. On the way home I had my music on my iPod and my hubby snapped, “It comes with earphones!” yet everyone ELSE gets a turn having THEIR music on in the van, so why is it not ok for me? Why do *I* have to use the earphones? I really am a second-class citizen in my own family. I’m treated differently than everyone else.