Miitomo The kids, my hubby,and I have this new game/app that we all play called Miitomo(pictured here) where you can create little avatars of yourself(similar to BitStrips except they are animated) and you can make up to 5 characters you can change their clothes and they answer questions and inter-act with your friends’ characters. I made 4 so far, incl. a Bob Marley look-alike I named “Bob Mon.”I NEVER play online games but this one looked like fun so I got it on my iPod and it’s so cute.

I have my hubby, the 16 YR old, the 12 YR old, and their friend in California added but the 14 YR old *REFUSES* to add me, saying she “doesn’t want a Butt-face” on hers,and she DID add my hubby so it’s not like she’s not adding her parents; she’s just NOT adding ME, it’s personal and it really hurts. She reminds me of those mean girls in school  that don’t let unpopular girls join their clique(she thinks she’s so great!) and I don’t like her attitude ONE BIT,and I also over-heard the 12 YR old say to her( about me) “She’s been trying to be popular since she was 13!” and the 18 YR old says I “always try to be cool” too, and it’s not that, but my family always pushes me away and leaves me out and I just want to be included, and whenever I try to show interest in what the kids are interested in or doing they just laugh at me and freeze me out even more!

We visited the 18 YR old at the hospital again and he comes home tomorrow, and it seems longer than a week and I’m soooo weary and exhausted, and he wanted to stay longer and says he likes it there but his doctor he shouldn’t get too comfortable there and needs to get back into his daily life and said to “get out of his head” to do creative things too like draw  and keep a journal to express his feelings, and that this age it’s a very difficult stage for alot of teens, transitioning, unsure of the future, their career choice, their place in the world,etc. and it’s uncertain, scary,and really overwhelming for alot of people and they have a difficult time coping. The 21 YR old said his suicide attempt was just “to get attention” as well, showing how clueless he is,as always.

A nice quote I saw someone had written at the clinic that I liked:

” I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”