The Best TV Shows Ever.

WonderYRS The best TV shows of all time, in no particular order:

The Wonder Years: this was probably my best all-time fave. show ever. Set in the Vietnam War YRS, a coming-of-of-age show I really, really liked it.

CosbyShow The Cosby Show. Definitely one of the best shows that the 1980’s had to offer,and the 80’s was the time period that had the best TV shows, no question,followed by the 70’s.

GoldenGirls The Golden Girls: OMG, this was one funny show.

Scrubs Scrubs:One of the most hilarious TV shows I have ever seen and I have never laughed my ass off so much at a show.

MalcolmMiddle Malcolm In The Middle: their oddball family reminded me soooo much of ours…and made ours not look quite so bad,afterall!

WhatsHappening What’s Happening! This was my fave. show as a kid growing up in the 70’s. Not only was it funny but it always had a good message,too.

NightCourt Night Court: Yet another great comedy to come out of the 80’s.

Cheers Cheers: As unlikely as it was that I’d be interested in watching a show about a bar, for some reason I ended up watching it…and liking it.

SoapTVShow Soap: One of the funniest and off-beat shows of the 70’s.

CarolBurnett The Carol Burnett Show: I watched this comedy variety show as a kid in the 70’s. This show was always sooooo funny.

Degrassi(new) Degrassi: The show I have watched the longest, since the late 80’s and continues to this day.The only good Canadian TV show out there!

HappyDays Happy Days: A wholesome show about a simpler time period.

AllInTheFamily All In The Family: One of Norman Lear’s greatest.

ThreesCompany Three’s Company: I watched this every day after school in the 80’s. It was so funny and one of my classic faves.

ThreeStooges The Three Stooges: C’mon, who doesn’t love the Three Stooges? They’re timeless!