Transgender Bathrooms.

Trans There has been coverage in the media lately people outraged  and protesting that in some places transgendered people have to use the bathrooms  which matches what’s on their birth certificate as opposed to the gender they identify with, but I agree; it’s quite simple, really: you should go in the bathroom that matches with what you’ve got in your pants: if you have a todger in-between your legs and you pee standing up then you belong in the men’s bathroom and if you have ladybits and pee sitting down then you belong in the ladies bathroom, period. It’s not a hard concept. I don’t like the idea of men in the women’s bathroom where little girls would be put at risk at being molested by perverts. Whether it be by the actual transgenders or others taking advantage of the loophole it makes no difference; men should NOT be in the women’s bathroom and I think kids’ safety should come before LGBT rights.

Until and unless the transition is complete (then it’s a different story)anyone with a man’s parts belongs in the men’s bathroom and another option could also be a third separate bathroom for transgendered people. That’s my opinion. It’s nothing against transgendered people; it’s my concern about little girls getting molested in the bathroom if men are allowed in the women’s bathroom! Even if a man is dressed up like a woman if he still has a tallywacker then he’s still a man. It’s like me saying I’m a bear, thinking I’m a bear and dressing up in a bear costume but that still doesn’t mean I AM a bear or make me a bear….you can play dress up and play pretend all you want but it still doesn’t actually change the fact of what you *really* are…imagining being something in your head and in reality can be vastly different things.

As well, the 18 YR old bought a guitar and is now learning how to play and music is very therapeutic, and all of the kids are artistic and creative; they are all good artists and can draw exceptionally well, and the 14 YR old can also play guitar and the 19 YR old is gifted at piano, and both the 12 and 16 YR olds take dance and the 16 YR old also paints and writes as well. I’m glad they’re into the arts instead of redneck stuff like sports! Whew! The 14 YR old’s cheerleading squad also came in Second place in their division at the Nationals competition in Niagara Falls on the weekend!

My hubby is in Toronto for work today,too, and I was going to go into the city and visit my BFF( ever since we were 12) as well except she has 3 appointments today but we made a plan to do it another time when she’s not as busy, and I was walking Buddy and I found 20$! It was just laying folded up on the sidewalk and there was no one around anywhere; we were the only ones out there in the rain( so there was no way to find who might have dropped it)…I couldn’t believe my good fortune! This has only happened to me once before, when I was 12 or 13! I was sooooo happy! To me(since I’m “broke”) this is alot of $$$$$ and almost like winning the lottery! Of course my hubby just HAD to try and RUIN my joy too by saying it was the 18 YR old’s; that he’d ” just lost 20$” when really he didn’t(I asked him); he just wanted to burst my bubble and take away my happy moment. He’s such an asshole.