Tax Havens.

TaxHavens Now it’s all over the news about the leaked “Panama Papers” and the ultra-rich who have been exposed in their off-shore banking and tax havens and even world leaders have resigned over it but my thought on it is this: if they can find loopholes to avoid paying taxes and stick it to The Man then all the power to them! Good for them! If *I* was filthy rich I’D have off-shore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes,TOO! We are taxed to death here and if I could find a way to keep my $$$$ out of the greedy gov’t’s pockets of course I’d do it! My friends I and T disagree and say “tax cheats” like them are the reason our taxes are so high and if the rich paid their share our taxes wouldn’t be so high but I still somehow doubt it; the gov’t will still always find a way to f*ck us over and over-tax us regardless, they’d still find an excuse!!

My BFF also told me that her dad had a minor stroke over Easter weekend but luckily the only impairment he has is some memory loss(her mother died of cancer a few YRS ago), and Buddy and I went over and visited Patti, who’s moving into an apartment in another town in June, and when I got home I bent down and felt this searing pain in my right side and it felt like something tearing honest-to-God(torn muscle?) and I gasped,sucked in my breath, and winced in pain and I couldn’t breathe or speak for a couple of seconds the pain was so bad and I almost fell over and it still hurts even now…..shit….maybe I pulled something?Or did an internal organ rupture or something? Or just because old?