People Suck.

BestWay I FINALLY got a hold of my BFF (she never did call me back; I called her again) and told her I could come into the city Tuesday when my hubby is going in for work…and then she said how she has all these app’t’s AGAIN, just like last week, the accountant, the cable guy, the optometrist, going to Costco, etc.. and wouldn’t even clear her schedule for me even though she knows I hardly go up( only twice a YR or so) and didn’t even want to bother to make the time to see me and wouldn’t re-book her app’t’s for next week and even suggested I just tag along with her on her errands but what kind of visit is THAT? I was hoping we’d have FUN like we used to; maybe spend the day at the mall or have a spa day or something like that…

My hubby snorts what do I want, to spend time with her or to have fun…..but why can’t it be BOTH? (and I refuse to “settle” or to sell myself short anymore,either)Our time together should be enjoyable quality time and following her around on errands is hardly “fun” and it’s a 2 HR drive for me( each way) to visit her,too, so you’d think she’d be more accommodating to see me, and if someone comes up to see you(and esp. if they travel far) it should be  expected that you’d go out of your way  to spend time with them and ensure that their visit is enjoyable but I guess we have different ideas about friendship,and to think that just last YR when we thought she might have had cancer I was even  willing to drop everything  and go up and stay with her as long as she needed to take care of her.

I’m hurt that our friendship doesn’t mean enough to her (and doesn’t mean the same to her as it does to me)that she’d put any effort into it and that her errands mean more and take priority and she wasn’t willing to alter her schedule to allow me to visit, but of course I never mentioned my deep disappointment to either my mother or my hubby as I know they wouldn’t support me anyway just like they never do with anything.It hurts I’m never a “priority” for anyone,either, just an after-thought ,second best,a last resort, or better than nothing, but nothing ever worth making an effort for or worth fighting for.

People are so disappointing.