Alligator Shirts.

LacosteShirts I still remember back in grade 9 how the Lacoste “alligator” polo shirts worn with Cotton Ginny track pants were all the fashion and I had 6 of the Lacoste shirts, in different colours( white, yellow, pink, purple, blue,and orange) and I would go to the Lacoste boutique in the Eaton Centre to buy them.I had at least an equal amount of track pants in various colours to match as well. It’s funny the things that you remember, that stick in your mind and when you see or hear about later  you find nostalgic and that bring back happy memories. Also things like baggy “genie” pants, acid-washed jeans, Reebok high-tops,slouch socks,I could go on and on. I miss the 80’s.I wish you could time travel and go back to a happy moment and just freeze that moment in time forever.

CallMe I miss the music from the 80’s too. They just don’t make good music like that anymore. Now it’s all that auto-tuned “pussy” pop crap that they try to pass off as “music”…and Taylor Swift? Pleeeeeease, she reminds me of the stuck-up mean girls in highschool that only lets the popular girls into her clique and her music makes my ears bleed. Give me Van Halen, Def Leppard, Aerosmith,Slade, Helix, etc. anytime! Now that’s REAL music!

NeverToo You’re never too old to rock and roll,either, and the Rolling Stones are proof of that!

As well, the 14 YR old tried to pluck out the seeds out of a strawberry with tweezers as she doesn’t like them( do you realize how *many* seeds are IN a strawberry?), the neighbours next door moved out, Buddy had this tiny square piece of paper stuck in his eye and it went all the way back behind his eyelid(how it GOT there I’ll never know) and he was so good and lay still and let me open his eye and probe around and get it out(which took awhile) and when I finally did he was so grateful he jumped all over me, licking my face and wagging his tail, as if saying thank you, like he knew I was helping him and it felt better!

I also saw the world’s biggest stereotypical redneck drive down our street: he had a long bushy grey beard, tattoos all up and down both arms,wearing a denim vest,had a beer gut, and was driving a red pickup truck with a big Confederate flag decal on the hood with the words, “Southern Pride” emblazoned across and he just personifies the losers in this hick-ass town, and I heard on the news there was another fatal shooting in my old neighbourhood in Toronto; it’s become bad now but it wasn’t like that when I lived there back then, and I figured I could always still go into the city with my hubby when he goes in tomorrow and just go to the mall myself; I don’t need my BFF to have fun, but then decided against it as I don’t have any $$$$$ anyway. The 18 YR old missed church yesterday as well as he was talking a friend out of committing suicide. I have done that twice before myself with 2 friends and someone has done it for me. That’s what friends do.