The Mentor.

Mentor The 18 YR old is now “mentoring” a younger girl, someone who is friends with a few of the kids and who is from a really dysfunctional, f*cked-up, abusive family. She confides in him, he gives her advice, and she comes over here twice a week, sort of like her “safe haven” from her troubled home life and he’s like her “Big Brother” and he counsels her and I think it’s a great idea and beneficial to BOTH her AND him, and helpful in both their recoveries; hers in having someone older to confide in, look up to,advise, guide, direct,and help her, and for him,too, having someone to look out for and someone that needs his help and depends on him, giving him purpose and incentive to keep going, not only for his own sake but for hers now too, and now that her well-being also depends on HIS! I think they will be helping eachother out and it will be a good experience for them both.

As well, Patti was over for a visit, and I saw a little hawk in the neighbour’s tree, and a man was walking down the street and a little kid poked her head out of the window of her house at the corner and called out to him, “Hello! I pooped!” but he just ignored her and kept on walking. It was so funny,and if it was me I would have replied, “Good for you! Don’t forget to flush!”

The 18 YR old also said that he thinks Cadets is “punishing” him and the other senior Cadets for standing up to the injustice and Fascist oppressive way they were treated during their recent trip as his friend didn’t get approved for the summer camp she wanted but for a sports camp instead so she’s just not going, and he wasn’t even approved for ANY camp at ALL,and I also wouldn’t be surprised if the 16 YR old won’t be able to go to Germany,either. They’re such assholes for treating them so badly and no  wonder so many of them are quitting and my kids are considering quitting now too even though before they really enjoyed it and Cadets was a big part of their lives until they destroyed their morale, disillusioned them, and ruined it for them! F*ck them!