Happy 420!

BMGanja Today is the day to celebrate everything cannabis and I celebrated accordingly! It’s funny as just not too long ago I had no idea what “420” even WAS….and now here I am, smoking weed to alleviate my migraines! Now I am a part of that very same cannabis culture that up until just recently I hardly even knew anything much about; it’s so funny how life turns out and how things can change. I used to think that people that smoked weed were somehow “bad” but now my perception has shifted and I now see how mainstream it really IS and how people from all walks of life partake incl. professionals and it’s really NOT such a big deal afterall and it doesn’t make you a “bad” person afterall, or a raging drug fiend, or a criminal, a bad influence, a loser, a low-life, a good-for-nothing, a junkie, street trash, unprofessional, or whatever, but it’s actually quite common and it’s harder to find someone who hasn’t done it than who has!

As well, I sent my mother’s aunt who lives in Florida a birthday greeting as yesterday she turned 96….only to hear from my cousin shortly after that she’d DIED awhile ago….ooops…no one ever told me! I never knew; no one ever tells me anything,and now I feel really stupid, and my former sister-in-law’s moving in with her boyfriend as well; they’re buying a new 6 bedroom house(they have 5 kids between them) under construction  and that didn’t take her long to find someone else; she just split up with my hubby’s brother(her husband) last January….but at least she DID “trade up” though, going from a redneck to a guy who has money so she’s “moving up”….