The Dentist.

HippoDentist The 16 YR old went to the dentist yesterday and she actually knows him personally too as they go to the same jiu-jitsu class! She got x-rays and a cleaning and has to go back today for fillings. She also wants to get her chipped teeth fixed but we can only do what’s covered on my hubby’s work insurance plan.My hubby also said he’s going to give up our family business/his second income as he’s too busy with his full-time/primary job and just doesn’t have the time anymore plus the older kids have either already moved out or soon will be leaving for university and the others are too young to really be of useful help for awhile so he won’t have any helpers left. I can see his reasoning in it, but that’s where we get alot of the $$$$ FOR the kids’ university, plus they also get student loans and work a YR before school and over the summers they’re at university.

As well, a neighbour girl got her long hair cut short and both my mother and I really like it and think it looks really good on her and does alot for her and makes her look so much older but the 12 and 14 YR olds( in typical “catty” teen girl fashion) say she looks like a “boy”, looks like a “transgender” and has a “lesbian haircut” but it’s amazing how a good haircut/the right haircut can do so much for a person and at first I didn’t even recognize her! I put my shirt in the laundry too and when I went to take it out to put it away after it was done I couldn’t find it; it was lost and it turned out my mother had taken it out and gave it to my hubby and when I got mad she ripped into ME that *I* always ” run HER down” when I brought it up and she *ALWAYS* does that; it’s HER fault but she blames ME when *I* mention it and she never takes responsibility for ANYTHING!

I also read a sweet and romantic love story in a blog where the guy was dating a girl unlike the usual “type” he typically dated; he dated tanned girls with long blonde hair and this one was pale and had short dark hair and when he brought her home his room mate rudely laughed out loud and snickered, “THAT’S the girl you’re dating?” and she stormed off, insulted, and he replied, “That’s the girl I’m going to MARRY!” and in response he sent her the lyrics to a song titled “Beautiful Girl. : (you can read the entire story here:   ) and now they’ve been happily married some 14 YRS(I think) or so and have 5 kids so he made the right choice and married the right girl.

How sweet. I wish I knew a love like that.