Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

Prince(Singer) I still can’t believe Prince has died. He really was quite the talent, like a combination of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown. Did you know that he played all his own instruments and even produced his own first record at age 18? He was quite the musical genius. He was talented and unique and it’s a big loss to the music world but he will live on thru his music.

Did you know that he was also a devout Jehovah’s Witness? That’s why it was so surprising to read a report that he might have died of a drug(opiate) overdose since he had always marketed himself as living a clean lifestyle: no smoking, drinking, drugs, or even swearing, so this has come as quite a shocker. You’re normally not surprised to hear of celebrities dying of overdoses but it hits hard when you think they live clean lives. In any case it’s a sad thing and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

My Doctor’s App’t.

HippoDoctor I saw the internal medicine specialist and he said my MRI showed no adrenal tumour and he doesn’t know why my aldosterone level is so high and guesses perhaps a side-effects of my meds and my fluid retention(he said the causes are either heart, kidney, or liver failure and my heart and kidneys tested ok. so that leaves the liver..) continues to be bad as well(and I’ve gained 7 pounds since my last visit,too!) so he put me on Lasix, the strongest diuretic there is, one that they normally prescribe to people with heart conditions, hoping that it will work and he wants me to get blood work done again in 4 months to see if the aldosterone is still high and then see him a week later. He also noticed my tan and asked where I’ve been and I said, “outside” and he said, “Oh, I thought someplace like Mexico!”

My hubby said he wasn’t able to drive me as he had a phonecall at work but could take me only an HR before my app’t and expected me to sit there and wait in the office for an HR before my app’t which is unreasonable and ridiculous so I just took a taxi there(which he also refused to pay for, the cheap bastard!) and then on the way back I had to wait for 30 min. for him to pick me up too as I didn’t have any $$$$ for taxi fare to get home! Earlier in the day I also needed to use the extension cord and  he rips into me, “Don’t use THAT one! That’s the one *everyone* uses!” and I told him, “Well, *I’m* SOMEone and I’m USING it, so LIVE with it!” and the 18 YR old said he’s always wanted to learn guitar but my hubby said music lessons were “a waste of time and money” because he’s an uncultured redneck that doesn’t value culture, music, or the arts, but I think it’s a good idea for everyone to learn how to read music and to learn how to play an instrument( I took guitar and violin lessons) and I only wish that he’d told me sooner; I never knew,and it’s too bad that he shit on his interest like that. He’s such an asshole.

The 16 YR old also “infiltrated” her friend’s highschool; she even borrowed one of her old school uniforms and went with her to school for the day and attending classes and the other students helped  “hide”her and no one even noticed or said anything and she never even got caught; it was almost like she was a homeschooling “spy” and it was sooo funny, and they mentioned the 21 YR old on the radio: there was this job fair thing and they featured his work and mentioned “There’s a guy that works there named___________. Isn’t that an unusual name?” and when the 12 YR old told me that Prince died I thought at first she was joking and was just trying to fool me and I can’t believe it; he’s just 8 YRS older than me and he just thought he had the Flu but I guess he was actually sicker than he thought. Poor guy. It makes me feel really old,too, because I can still remember grooving to “Purple Rain” back in the 80’s when I was a teen.

My mother stole the 9 YR old’s piece of pizza as well and he was furious( I don’t blame him) and she didn’t even ask him first and it was even on his place-setting on the table,too! She’s such a PIG! That’s nerve though,and she’s not even supposed to BE eating greasy food anyway. She really is a piece of work.