MeBlonde(new) I dyed my hair blonde! Spending so much time out in the sun was fading all the red out of my hair and lightening it anyway so I decided to work WITH the sun instead of against it so I went blonde!(Also the grey growing back in blends in better with the blonde,too!) I had to leave the bleach on for 90 minutes and then I put a light ash blonde colour on which I know from previous experience will also lighten in the sun so I didn’t put a lighter blonde on to begin with or else it will end up a platinum after being in the sun for awhile, plus I like to use the ash tones as it prevents brassiness. Only the 14 YR old(who is a fashion/style maven) knew it was ash blonde, but the other kids thought it was “grey” or “blonde/grey” or “grey/white” and the 12 YR old snarked, “I don’t like ANY of your hair colours!” Now my scalp is all tingly so I suspect it’s burned from the bleach but Buddy just LOVES it( I guess he prefers blondes,too, like most guys?) as he keeps jumping up into my lap and sniffing my hair and nuzzling me and wagging his tail; it really makes him wild and turns him on, like some sort of aphrodesiac or something, it must be something they put in either the bleach or the dye that makes dogs horny, ha, ha! Too bad it didn’t have that effect on ALL the guys. I wish someone found me beautiful.

As well, our power kept going off, 6 times so far, incl. once for 90 min. straight, so that’s why I’m later doing my blog today; I didn’t want to get cut off part-way doing it and lose it all, and the 16 YR old has a friend coming all the way from Ottawa to visit her and unlike my BFF she’s clearing the day to be able to spend time with her,esp. after coming all that way to see her, and the 9 YR old asked me what makes me happy too and  I said, “It’s been so long I don’t remember!” and he said he thought I’d say that Buddy makes me happy and he does though; I love how he kisses me and snuggles beside me, cuddling with me, and the funny things he does. He’s the light in my life.I really love that little guy so much!

My mother also did the laundry today and just to be a bitch she purposely took out everyone else’s clothes out and just left mine in the dryer.She always gets in these little “digs” at me and then she wonders WHY *I* get mad and then she acts like she’s the “victim” when I do and goes running off to the kids saying I’M “mean” to HER and turns them against me. See what I always have to put up with? I can honestly see WHY my father left her. She’s toxic!