Q & A.

Quiz(new)Hippo 1. What’s your weakness when it comes to food?

  • Chocolate all the way! It’s my fave. food and the one thing I crave whenever I get a craving!


2. What brings you the most joy?

  • My dog Buddy, being outside, sitting out in the sun.


3. What about your appearance have you learned to accept over the YRS?

  • That I’m ugly, that I’m always going to BE ugly,and that it’s never going to change.


4.How do you define beauty?

  • Clear, radiant, sun-kissed skin, shiny hair, sparkling eyes, nice smile.


5. What have you learned about love?

  • Love is where you find it.


6. The first time you wore make-up:

  • When my glamourous older cousin put the pearly pink nail polish on me when I was around 6 or 7 or so.


7. What is the strangest thing that you’ve seen lately?

  • When the 18 YR old threw a perfectly good piece of pizza onto the roof!


8. What is the coolest thing you’ve seen lately?

  • My friend S (ever since grade 6) was interviewed on the Toronto TV news.


9. What was the best thing that happened to you lately?

  • I lost 4 pounds in 2 days on my new diuretic!


10. Last gift you gave:

  • Rawhide chewie bones to Buddy for his birthday.


11. Last thing you lost:

  • My mind.


12. Last thing you borrowed:

  • The 14 YR old’s mascara.


13. Last compliment you got:

  • When someone in church told me the kids were well behaved.


14. When do you feel the most beautiful?

  • When I’m all nice and tanned.


15. What’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to you?

  • When I was a kid and  my aunt was being mean to me and my grandmother came and sat in the closet with me.


16. What’s your beauty secret?

  • Washing and moisturizing my face twice a day: morning when I wake up and at night before bed.


17. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

  • A pickle stuck to a wall at McDonald’s, and a fox taking a shit at a golf course with the golfers totally oblivious.