Yard Work.

YardWork Today I did yard work now that the weather is nicer. I pulled up dandilions(before the flower part comes, the part that has the seeds!) a task I generally do every day during May, and trimmed the shrubs, bushes,and small trees shorter now before the leaves are on them, now that it’s easier to see and get access to all the branches…but now I’m all stiff and sore and my poor back is killing me. They say no pain no gain but I prefer no pain, no pain! 🙂

My hubby also took the kids into the mini mall in another town but never even bothered to ask me if I wanted to go,too, and, in fact, never even told me they were going, never even giving me the opportunity to ask if I could go, making it obvious they didn’t WANT me to go(and there were enough seats in the van so they’d have to come up with some other excuse) and in the morning the “u” “a” “s” and “g” keys on my keyboard weren’t working(making posting anything challenging!) so I popped them off and blew on them and shook the keyboard in case there was some dust or crumbs or something trapped in there and whatever it was, it worked because it’s ok now!

We got the grumpy priest in church yesterday as well , the one none of us like; the one that always asks if we watch porn( WTF,man?) but last week my fave. one was there so I took advantage of the opportunity and did another Confession even though I had just done one 2 weeks before, esp. in case I DO die next month afterall, I want to be on top of things…

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