The Buffet.

HippoEating My mother had this craving for Chinese food for the past few days and wanted to go to the all-you-can-eat buffet but she didn’t want to go alone so she asked me if I wanted to go( Chinese food? You don’t have to ask me twice!!) but she expected me to pay and I told her if it was HER idea and she invited me then she should pay, so we went and as always we gorged ourselves, reminding me of a joke I heard that an all-you-can-eat buffet is an obstacle course for fat people.I never know which way the line goes for the buffet either; just like life; I’m always out of step, out of focus, have no clue. It was also SNOWING,too, and I don’t mean just a few light flurries either but heavy and big flakes! MAKE IT STOP!! It’s almost May and if this is supposed to be some sort of late April’s Fool’s joke or something it’s NOT funny and nobody’s laughing!

As well, my arms( and now my legs,too!) are itching like CRAZY and my arms are all tingly, “pins and needles” at first I thought was my peeling sunburn except it’s not peeling on my legs so I now wonder may be a side-effect of my new diuretic(maybe my potassium’s really low again?) or it could be my liver acting up again? The 19 YR old also is finishing off her last YR of university and she got 95% as her final grade in psychology! My mother also said that even after a YR of school she still hasn’t made any friends yet either and I think that’s just sad. 😦

My Facebook friend in Brazil( she’s 46!) is due to have her baby by cesarian on 9 May, the same day one of my kids turns 13 so they’ll have the same birthday(and her baby’s a girl too) I just hope it isn’t infected by the Zika virus I’ve been hearing about all over the news, and I’ve noticed too that in most other countries they have maternity hospitals where you go to have your babies but not here, it’s just a maternity ward of a regular hospital but the maternity hospital makes alot more sense to me.

I also reconnected with an old friend( from the YMCA group in Ottawa) on Facebook and he’s 53 now and he’s now fat, balding, and has a double-chin,and it’s just soooo unfair and unkind what time and age does to us all, and none of us look like how we did back then, and I saw the saddest thing on the TV news,too: a 16 YR old Native girl mourning the suicide of her sister was describing the hopelessness and despair on her reservation and she said, “If we were white they’d help us but we’re Native….” It’s shameful the awful way the gov’t treats the Native people, like second-class citizens, and how they have to live in Third-World conditions in their own country, being made to feel “less-than”, inferior, worthless, and ashamed to be Native, when there is nothing wrong with being Native and they have just as much value and worth as white people or anyone else.

I also needed to order more weed but the website wouldn’t let me place my order, not accepting when I tried to place it so I tried to call them, which was no small feat with my Social Phobia(I can’t talk on the phone so I had to prepare by taking several deep breaths ahead of a panic attack) but I couldn’t get thru anyway; even though I tried 8 times it kept saying call cannot be completed even though I DID press “1” for sales/customer service like they said…shit…nothing EVER works for me….so I ended up e-mailing them and they got it all sorted out: apparantly my e-mail on the top of the page on my application got cut off during the photo-copy so it couldn’t be verified for the online purchase so they fixed it and I was finally able to place my order online. I just wish things would work out and go right the FIRST time…

Such is my life.