The Phonecall.

HippoPhone Weird: the phone rang before my mother or I (we were  both in the living room)were able to pick it up(not that I would with my Social Phobia though) and when she got there the machine had had  said”picked up” indicating someone had already picked it up on another line(and before they could leave a message), and all she was able to see of the number was either 844 or 866, which is the first numbers of the medical marijuana legal producer I ordered from the other day so of course I was curious if the call was for me, if there might be some question or problem with my order so I asked my hubby(who was downstairs in his office) who it was but he denied picking up the call and said one of the kids must have but they all said it wasn’t them and genuinely didn’t seem to know what I was talking about or that the phone even rang(they were all upstairs) so I KNOW it WAS him that picked it up and he’s lying again, hiding something and I wonder if he had intercepted my call and had somehow sabotaged it in some way, such as telling them to cancel the order, knowing how he hates it that I use weed even though it’s to help my migraines.

I wouldn’t put it past him, esp. since I DO know that he DOES lie, and I *have* caught him in several lies before(so I don’t trust him) and he DOES also have the Internet in the house rigged up so he’s automatically sent all copies of both mine and the kids e-mails and  he monitors everyone’s Internet activity AND he’s read my diary before,too( and then had the nerve to get mad when he read something that he didn’t like!) so he’s proven to be sneaky, untrustworthy, a liar,and disrespectful of my privacy,and I asked him again and again he denied it and I’m esp. concerned as my order should have arrived by now…..I just wonder who it WAS that called and why he always has to lie about everything all the time and cover everything up…..I’m so sick and tired of him being such a liar and of all his lies……

HippoArmour …..and here is a hippo in full body armour that I decorated out of coloured foil from an Easter chocolate.

Just because.