Weed Man.

HippoSmoking My weed finally came! Last time it came with the courier but today it came with the mailman(but had to be signed for) so I guess they’re getting cheaper. I was like a kid at Christmas,waiting for, anticipating, and  eager to open my gift and happy to receive it, and I rolled up a big fatty and got baked! I bet all the neighbours know when it’s my weed day,too, as I stagger out of the shed, with a plume of smoke wafting out, in a haze of weed, but I make sure the kids never see me smoking up, yet even so there’s no shame it in since it IS for medical purposes,and I haven’t had a migraine now since OCTOBER! Yay weed!!

Yet even so my hubby blames ME that the oldest( he’ll be 27 later this YR) and the 21 YR old smoke up even though they were doing long before I ever tried it(so I had nothing to do with it) he just likes to blame me for everything.He probably thinks it’s my fault I have migraines too. This new order is a stronger strain than the last one as well, so not only will it prevent the migraines but also ease my anxiety and calm my nerves but also help me sleep better at night,too and help any other pain, such as abdomenal cramps. This time I could feel my entire body “vibrating” and moving along in “waves” and it felt like there were “different” “me’s” coming out, which is what I would imagine it must be like having a split personality and I could actually FEEL something “shifting” and changing, and it felt like when you’re about to pass out or just before they put you “under” for surgery, and  as I had a bath and was washing my hair and had my head underwater I actually thought I was under a waterfall,but it complicated getting out of the bath as I remembered to put the body oil on but then forget to blot my skin after with a towel and then I wasn’t sure if I actually did dry myself after and almost forgot my deoderant and I put my underwear on  inside-out! I notice that being “high” also slows my thinking and thought process as well as my reaction time and time seems to move more slowly,too.

As well, my mother tried to steal my piece of pizza that the 21 YR old gave me(he’d ordered a pizza) but then when she saw it had jalapeno peppers on it she changed her mind (ha,ha, serves her right!)so I still got it afterall but she’s such a PIG, and I saw my hubby chasing Buddy, terrorizing him,and the poor dog running like crazy away from him, and he saw me and raced over to me and  lept into my arms, terrified, his poor little heart racing….and my hubby didn’t know I was there(or that I’d see) and tried to make all kinds of excuses that he wasn’t chasing him, teasing him, torturing him, etc.. and that I was “being stupid” but I SAW it with MY OWN EYES and I KNOW what I saw and I wish he would just grow up…. and stop it with all the excuses,too.