My Family Sucks!

YouSuck(new) My family sucks. Case in point: the 12 and 14 YR olds decreed to me that I am not to speak to them until I am spoken to(because I am not worthy and I am “beneath” them), the 21 YR old kept referring to me as “fat, obese mother”, and when I got mad that he ate one(without even asking,of course) of my 2 mini turkey, brie, cranberry, almond sandwiches my mother snarked, “Stop being so  GREEDY!”…and all that in just one day. Typical of how they treat me though, and I’m always being told how stupid I am,how fat I am, taunt me for looking masculine and say I’m a “man”, and being put down,blamed, demeaned, degraded, called names, talked to condescendingly by my mother and hubby and disrespected by the kids.

I wish someone loved me.

Buddy92 As well, here is an adorable photo of my beautiful boy.I just LOVE this little guy so much! He loves laying out in the sun with me,too, and stretches out beside me as I get my tan, snuggling up next to me. He’s the only one that really loves me.If I didn’t have him, I wouldn’t have anyone. I’m so lucky and thankful to have him in my life!!

My left foot has also been really sore for the past few days, the bones at the top, and it hurts so much I can’t bear pressure on it and it’s hard to walk and I limp along and it’s swollen at the top too and I wonder if I maybe broke it somehow but I never fell or kicked anything, banged it, twisted it, and nothing fell on it to injure it, so maybe it’s arthritis, like how I have in my knees? That’s highly likely, esp. as when I move it it does crack alot. My mother likes to rub it in as well that SHE only has to see the specialist(doctor) every 6 months and *I* have to go every 4 months, so she’s better off than me( and I’m in worse shape than her) even though I’m younger and I told her that she should just be grateful that she’s relatively healthy, esp. considering her age.