Moving Day.

moving My hubby and the 18 YR old drove up to London( a 5 HR drive each way!!) to help the now 20 YR old move. She just finished her first YR of university and is moving out of residence and into a house which she’ll be sharing with other people. Fortunately she doesn’t have too much stuff to move( this is a kid that went  to Europe and lived out of a backpack for 2 weeks!) but she needs someone with a van to help her so they’ve gone up for the weekend. The other kids wanted to go up and see her too but then it would have taken up all the seats in the van and there would have been no room left to fold down the seats and move all her stuff which would sort have defeated the purpose! I like it when my hubby’s gone for the weekend or for a few days; I have this feeling of “freedom” as I know he won’t be here to belittle me with his “mantra” : “What part of ‘ —————‘ don’t you understand?” or “What part of ‘———–‘ didn’t you HEAR?” and the like. With him gone I feel like I can just breathe easy and relax.It’s like a mini “vacation” and break for me,too, with him away!

My mother also says she doesn’t sleep well (probably worried about money)and I offered her a joint  to help her relax but she got offended and refused(oh,well, don’t say that I didn’t ask) and the 12 YR old has nice long hair but she never washes it(maybe once every 2 weeks if we’re lucky!) and it’s gross and the 16 YR old threatens to cut all her hair off when she’s asleep, and when our enemy threatened our family 13 YRS ago forcing us to flee it broke me and damaged me beyond repair,too, something inside me died,and it  took a part of me I’ll never be able to get back and I’ve never been the same since. We also donated baby toys to the neighbours as all our kids outgrew them and it feels weird seeing our stuff in the neighbour’s yard now, sort of like seeing other people living in your old house after you’ve moved…

Natasha1 I also came across this old photo of Toronto TV meterologist Natasha Ramsahai and it goes to show what a good haircut can do for someone: this is how she used to look before her haircut, when it was long and  unremarkable-looking…..

Natasha2 and then afterwards, striking,  with a stunning short “Pixie” cut that brings out her pretty features and really makes a difference! Some people just look better with short hair( I’m one of them) like Halle Berry, for example, whereas Angelina Jolie looks better with long hair. It all depends on the shape of your face, among other things.