The Baby.

Screen Shot 05-09-16 at 07.57 AM My friend in Brazil was due to have her second baby by cesarian on the 9th…..but she had it a day earlier…..on Mother’s Day!!!

Screen Shot 05-11-16 at 07.52 PM Let the c-section begin….. My friend is shown here with her support team, her daughter and son-in law.


Screen Shot 05-09-16 at 07.57 AM 001…..and here she is! 6 pounds 6 oz.

Screen Shot 05-09-16 at 07.59 AM The oldest holding the youngest. There are 27 YRS  between them! She has a baby of her own,too!(and she’s a doctor!)

Screen Shot 05-09-16 at 07.58 AM 001 Isn’t she just precious? A baby is a gift and blessing from God, and this one is a miracle since her mother is 46 YRS old and she arrived healthy and the pregnancy and birth were free of any complications.

Screen Shot 05-09-16 at 06.44 PM I almost forgot how small they are! This brings back many fond memories but I DON’T miss those sleepless nights or the painful cracked nipples! Strange, too: now my friend’s Facebook page has mysteriously been deactivated so I hope nothing bad has happened to her, that she(or the baby!) hasn’t died or something; that there weren’t complications following the birth, or that the authorities didn’t seize her baby(due to her bi-polar or something) and she committed suicide….I’m worried…I hope such good news isn’t followed by something bad….

Speaking of Facebook, someone was concerned enough about me that they anonymously referred me to a suicide crisis and I wasn’t able to log-in to my account until I accessed the site and it means that someone actually cares and for that I am grateful.The thing with depression and bi-polar is that it’s a life-long battle and a daily struggle and some days are better than others; some days better, some days worse, it’s like an up and down roller coaster. One day at a time…

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