Suicide Intervention.

Screen Shot 05-18-16 at 03.53 PM I am worried about a friend on Facebook: for the past week he has been saying that TODAY is the day he is planning on killing himself and I think he is serious about it too as last YR he did attempt it by setting himself on fire and after time in the ICU he miraculously recovered and survived(so it obviously wasn’t his time) but now life is hopeless once again and he said last week that he’ll give it a week and if things didn’t look up then today will be the day…..

Screen Shot 05-18-16 at 07.40 PM 001 He posted this( and the quote below as well) on his Facebook page along with comments about his imminent demise and things like “just one more day to go…” etc. and it’s worrying me as I think he’s really going to go ahead and do it but I hope he doesn’t. His life has fallen apart: his wife cheated on him and their marriage broke up, plus he lost his job and was unable to pay his rent and now he’s living in the streets…..he feels hopeless, he’s lost everything, he has nowhere to go, I can’t really say that I blame him…..but he has friends that DO care about him and don’t want him to die….I feel so badly for him!

Screen Shot 05-18-16 at 07.40 PM So I reported his suicide threats to Facebook hoping that someone could intervene and help him before it’s too late. I had to copy things from his page and send it to them for review and they sent me a reply saying they will review it but I hope that they do it in time and that they can send help of some sort and that he can be saved.I also gave him the suicide crisis toll-free helpline to call. In the meantime I post replies to him telling him not to do it and reminding him that there are people that care about him and what happens to him and that he has support and that hopefully things will look up.  Like George Harrison once said,all things must pass.

I’ve had a few friends who have attempted suicide(one even drank bleach!), in fact, and a couple I have talked out of it. It’s alarming(and sad!) how many there are; how many hurting, depressed, hopeless, lost, suffering, desperate, bereft, despairing and broken people there really are out there,incl. myself.It’s shocking how many people can’t cope, can’t see any other way out, and have lives so full of misery where  no end seems in sight. There’s nothing more I can do for him now except pray, but I will be thinking about him all day today and hoping he doesn’t go thru with it….at least I know that I did all I could.

I saw this saying somewhere once, “Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it just transfers it on  to someone else.”


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