My Eulogy.

Screen Shot 05-25-16 at 08.44 AM If I do end up dying this YR I hope that people don’t just remember my faults, sins, weaknesses, character flaws, foibles, and bad things, but rather all of me( as I am a very complex person) but would choose to remember the good,and if I was to write my own eulogy it would go something like this,keeping in mind that it’s disrespectful to say mean things about the dead:

She had only one dream all her life and it was to have kids and raise a family and she did; she had 11 kids. She would say that she failed at it, but there was never any doubt that she was fiercely protective of her kids, even sacrificing to keep them safe, incl. leaving her home and her friends when an enemy threatened her family, and financially when she was audited and later fined, for refusing to expose and endanger their homeschooling, and she always tried her best(despite opposition) to raise her kids in faith with God.

She also loved hippos with a passion and was an avid collector of all things hippo. She loved lilacs and would eagerly look forward to them blooming every spring and would fill the house with their sweet fragrance. She loved other cultures and travelled extensively. She also spoke several languages,loved music and was a huge Bob Marley fan, was a voracious reader and a prolific writer.She was funky, a free spirit, and always stood up for what she believed in, for what was right, defended those who were oppressed and against injustice. She marched to the beat of her own drummer and never followed the crowd.She was a unique, off-beat , strong-willed individual.

She endured several and excessive hardships, traumas, misfortunes, and trials in her life, the burden often more than she could bear, but her faith gave her a strength she never knew she had. She loved her dog Buddy more than life itself and he was her devoted little companion. She loved the sun, beach, and the Caribbean and wants her ashes to be scattered there so she can be  forever at rest in a place that she loved so much and where she was happiest.She was also a city girl and it is where she came alive and felt the most at home.Being outdoors was one of her favourite things and she loved chocolate.She was a prayer warrior and would always pray for anyone in need, whether she knew them or not and knew first-hand the power of prayer was an amazing and wonderful thing and the greatest thing you could do for someone.