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Screen Shot 05-27-16 at 07.46 PM The model airplane above and the painting here were both made by the 16 YR old, soon-to-be 17 YR old(tomorrow!). The plane was entered in a model airplane contest for Cadets and won an Honourable Mention(even though the morons spelled it wrong, duh) even though I personally think she should have won First, and you can’t really tell from the photo(I took it with my iPod) but it’s emerging out of a book. It was very well done,and she also painted the picture just for fun.

She is very talented(like all of the kids are) She excels not only in art, but also in writing(and has even  had a story published in a book after she won a writing contest!) and in dance and has won numerous awards in Cadets as well.She also completed 2 YRS of school(grades 11 and 12) in just one YR, and for university she hopes to go on to be a historian but she’s interested in astronomy as well. Right now she’s learning to drive but the one thing that she can’t do is cook; it always turns out to be a disaster! Last night her and the 13 YR old also went to see a musical(I like it when the kids get some culture!) and I just found out as well that next week the 18 YR old is moving out to Alberta and going to live with the oldest as jobs are easier to find out there and I think it will be good for him,too, to be with him and having his older brother to look out for him.

Screen Shot 05-27-16 at 06.37 PM It’s sooooo hot now as well(it’s like July weather!) we’re having a heatwave and  I’m sweating like a pig and I have to sleep naked and of course our A/C is still broken and the furnace guy said he’s having trouble finding the part to fix it (why DO these things ALWAYS happen to US?) and now my mother’s afraid that he’s going to say they don’t make them anymore and we’ll need an entirely new central air unit which we can’t afford anymore, and Patti was over for a visit and she told me what the police blockade was the other day: a psycho at the rooming -house was shooting a pellet gun at D’s husband as he was out the front mowing his lawn! WTF? I swear, people here are C-R-A-Z-Y! The crazy f*cker is lucky that he didn’t shoot him BACK for real, with a REAL gun,as he’s in the military! I can’t *believe* this place and all the crazy rednecks here….