Shaved Dachshunds.

Screen Shot 05-29-16 at 06.59 PM THIS is what a shaved Dachshund looks like in case you were wondering. It’s still sooooo steaming hot(it’s even hotter here than in California) it feels like my FACE is melting(and it’s not that the heat that’s so bad, it’s the humidity!!It felt like 35 C!!)) and the 13 YR old offered to shave Buddy to relieve him from the heat….oh, she’s too “kind”…ha,ha,ha…Needless to say I didn’t do it but we’re really struggling thru this heatwave, esp. with the A/C broken and we haven’t opened the pool yet! UGH! Open windows  and doors, and fans only do so much and it doesn’t really help against this heat!

It was also the 17 YR old’s birthday yesterday and she had 5 friends over(one even drove up all the way from Toronto!) and they all went to an “Escape Room” for her party and then ate at Pizza Hut and came back here for ice cream cake. I also saw these 2 cute babies  sitting ahead of me in church and it brought back happy nostalgic memories of when my kids were babies and for a moment(but JUST for a moment!) I had that longing for another baby again but then was quickly jolted back to reality when I realized they don’t stay that way for long….and then grow up to be *teen-agers!* it’s kind of like when you see a puppy and you wish you had one….until you realize how destructive they are and all the messes they make…….

I also noticed my make-up brushes are missing; I had 5 of them in the package in the bath room  and now there’s only one left so I know SOMEONE(one of the kids) took them as they don’t just walk off on their own so whoever it WAS had better put them back (so if you’re reading this and you took it PUT IT BACK!!!)as I need them,  and my mother and hubby scoffed that I “don’t do any work” and “don’t do anything”…ummm, excuse me? I had 11 kids…I fed them, changed them, raised them, and homeschooled for 25 YRS….but that’s NOT work? That’s NOT doing anything? They can just go and f*ck themselves! My toxic family never runs out of ways to belittle and berate me and to put me down, and they’re always trying to change me,too; why can’t anyone just take me as I am and love me as I am?