A Good Deal!

Screen Shot 06-02-16 at 04.27 PM I just about lost it when I saw this ad in a local real estate paper…..look closely…..it’s the perfect price for us, something that’s actually in our price range and that we can afford…. $000,000! HAH! It’s free! ….Not bad for a 4 bedroom house with a pool, on the water! Someone’s going to get a good deal, ha,ha!

Somebody didn’t proof-read……you only had ONE JOB……


Screen Shot 05-31-16 at 02.26 PM The 21 YR old’s friend in California went to a Bernie Sanders rally and got close enough to take this photo of him! (photo courtesy of K.D) He’s the guy I hope wins the American election,too. Choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing which shit you’d rather eat, the turd or the diarrhrea but  they’re still both shit! The 18 YR old also moves to Edmonton today and it’s a 4 HR flight and I hope he’ll be happy there, and last night the 14 YR old had her prom with her cheerleading squad,and the 17 YR old already had her dance recital(and a bunch of her friends got bad poison ivy from camping!)and the 13 YR old has hers coming up as well. The 14 YR old’s cheerleading squad also came in second place at their recent competition in Toronto last weekend!

Screen Shot 06-01-16 at 03.09 PM THIS is the 21 YR old’s new swimsuit that he got and that he’s going to wear when he goes to California to visit his friend. I just about *died* laughing.It’s the most hilarious thing ever. I’m almost  tempted to tuck dollar-bills into the waist-band. The 17 YR old also had her chipped front tooth fixed at the dentist,  and I had to buy a replacement part for my bong; the part where you put the weed in as it had fallen on the floor and being made of glass it broke but luckily the corner store sells spare parts and it was only 4$ so I just bought the part and didn’t have to buy a whole new bong! The rest of my make up brushes also magically appeared back in the bathroom as well; it’s almost as if they were on vacation and returned home! I still never found out who took them, but I’m just glad I got them back!!