How To Tell You’re Getting Old.

Screen Shot 06-01-16 at 07.43 PM I am now 49 YRS old, the last YR in my 40’s, 1 YR until I’m 50, what some people would call middle-age but what my kids would call old. I do feel old,too, and here are ways I can tell I’m getting old,too, due to my:

– Grey hair. Before I used to dye my hair just to change the colour, but now it’s to cover the grey so I don’t feel so old.

– I can actually hear my knees cracking when I go up and down the stairs.

– My health declined and my body started to fall apart once I turned 45.

– High blood pressure.

–  Weight gain: I’ve gained 70 pounds since I was thin in my 20’s, before I had kids.

– I take all kinds of pills.

– Crows feet around my eyes.

– Wrinkles.

– “Bingo wings”, also known as “Flying squirrel wings”.

– I have to see the doctor every 4 months, sometimes sooner.

– I have several doctors; specialists for this and that.

– Hearing aids.

– Glasses for reading.

– My kids’ childhood friends are getting married now.

– Friends and classmates I went to school with are now grandparents.

– People I have been friends with for over 25 YRS are now either bald or grey.

– Music I listened to as a teen is now called “Classic Rock”.

– The 80’s, my teen YRS, is now considered to be “Retro”.

– My oldest child is now older than I was when he was born.

– Most of my relatives who were a big part of my childhood are all dead now.

– I used to read the birth notices in the newspaper to see if I knew anyone….but now I read the death notices to see if I know anyone.

– Loose skin on my hands.

– Saggy boobs I had surgically reduced.

– Turkey neck; double-chin.

– I look more like my mother now.

– There are cracks in my old hippo hide.