Screen Shot 06-02-16 at 04.34 PM I got this revelation while I was “high” that when Jesus returns that He will return at Masada, so it will be interesting to see if that actually ever does occur. It does make sense though that He would return to the Holy Land since that’s where He was born, did His teaching and preaching , was crucified, and resurrected. I visited Masada myself,too, when I was in Israel and I tried to imagine all those families with children jumping off in their mass suicide rather to live under Roman occupation.It just blows my mind. When I’m “high” I often DO get visions, and revelations( now I know WHY the Rastafarians think marijuana enlightens them spiritually!) and various other deep thoughts and answers even though I rarely DO actually get high, only about 10% of the time, maybe even less.

I was also rolling J’s as I only had 2 left and my hubby came in and complained how it “reeked” in the room but he wasn’t supposed to have finished work for another 2 HRS(I tried to do it around him, so that it would have aired out before he came in) and I saw a news report of people in Fort McMurray staring at their ravaged town thru a fence and it just blew me away as it was the EXACT SAME image that I had seen in a dream before! That sort of thing has happened to me quite a bit,actually, incl. seeing people in a dream YRS before and then meeting them in church YRS later and recognizing them from my dream.

I smelled honeysuckle outside as well  every time a breeze would come past, the 17 YR old has to go to physio now(like the 21 YR old) for HER shoulder that she hurt at Cadets,  and I heard her talking about a “Boom Box” and I remember them from the 80’s( also called “Ghetto Blasters”) and it brought back nostalgic memories for me, and it’s funny too how the kids in highschool that were into Heavy Metal music ended up to be the ones as adults with the best jobs later: doctors, psychologists, accountants, with PhD’s, etc…yet at the time no one ever would have predicted that!

The 13 YR old also said she saw my mother try to kick Buddy and she was hoping that in doing so she’d lose her balance and fall; that it would serve her right for being so mean( or if he bit her!) and the furnace guy came and *FINALLY* fixed the A/C! He was here for 2 HRS and said it would have normally cost over 700$ but we have a yearly plan where we pay 400$ and everything’s covered; any repairs, parts,and service calls, so it’s already more than paid for it’s value! I’m glad it’s fixed too as we couldn’t afford to have a new one put in if not!