Facebook App.

Screen Shot 06-05-16 at 08.56 AM Hey, get a load of this! This is a funny Facebook app that takes your profile picture( mine is the Rastaman seen here) and morphs it into the celeb that you “most” look like…..I got Jennifer Lopez! Isn’t that hilarious? They think the comical Rastaman looks like JLo? What a laugh….In actual life I really look more like Tori Spelling though…. 😦


Screen Shot 06-04-16 at 03.12 PM 001 When I was a little kid I used to call lungs “glungs.” I remember it always made my mother laugh. For the past 3 days now I’ve been having trouble with my “glungs”: several times a day momentarily my lungs feel tight,squeezing, and constricted, almost burning, like something’s sitting on my chest, sort of like how they felt during the fire and they were being starved for oxygen by the smoke, or how it feels when you’re underwater holding your breath for too long and it feels like they’re going to burst, and I’m short of breath. I have no idea what it might be, whether it’s just due to the heat and it affects my breathing, or if with my fluid retention(I’ve gained 10 MORE pounds since I last saw the doctor the end of April and  now weigh the most I *EVER* have, even more than when I was prego!) maybe I have fluid around my lungs now,too, or if my heart’s not pumping enough blood to circulate well and I’m oxygen deprived, or if I have a blood clot or something in my lungs,and later on I had this sharp pain on my right side,too……It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it or not….and so I wait and see…

As well, the 9 YR old has a rash all over his chest and back and I wonder if he picked up some of virus somewhere, like Roseola or Parvo virus or something, and we had a BBQ, and the 17 YR old spent the day at the beach with 11 of her friends, and I woke up with a bad headache for 3 days in a row as well awhile ago but then when I smoked weed it went away and hasn’t returned since; it seems weed really IS medicine for many things, and I was thinking,too: if there really is such a thing as “past lives” it might explain transgender people; perhaps they were the other gender in another life and part of it got “left over” in this life and they still feel it instead of it being “erased” like it was supposed to have been?