Screen Shot 06-06-16 at 02.58 PM The 20 YR old(who finished her first YR of university) got into the esteemed Honours Program where only 80 students(out of 3000!) with the top marks qualify,and means she can also go on to get her PhD later,too!That’s amazing and we’re all proud of her…..and there’s something else,too….only I’m NOT “allowed” to tell; that is, my hubby ordered me, rather, forbade me, to mention it on my blog, and sneered the reason no one ever tells me anything is because I “always go ‘blabbing’ everything to everyone”(even though they never told me anything even BEFORE I *had* a blog!), but I DON’T think that eagerly sharing good news is “blabbing” to everyone, esp. when we have so much shit in our lives, so it’s exciting when something good actually happens and when someone has some good news!

He also says I’m “banned” from mentioning other things as well, and it makes me feel censored and silenced, like people in countries run by dictatorships, and I feel rebuked, like I’m one of the kids, even though I’m a grown woman and I can post whatever I like, and if someone can’t “handle” it, doesn’t like it, is “offended” by it, etc. too bad; that’s their problem, not mine, then they don’t have to read the blog; it’s my blog and I can post what I want, and it’s not fair to “hide””down play”or “diminish” achievements, successes, good news, etc. just because someone else might not like it or be able to “deal” with it, or because it might be taken the “wrong” way,etc. It’s not fair to the person who deserves recognition to have it “swept under the rug” so to speak for fear of how someone else might react or what someone else might think, and I’m tired of always having to “walk on egg shells”; it makes me feel stifled, repressed, and gagged, and I want to post about and share the GOOD things that happen in our lives,too, not just all the shitty ones!

As far as people not liking what I write about them, I just say what happens and if they don’t like the truth being exposed then perhaps they should re-think the way they act and the way they treat me, and besides, my blog is a reflection of how *I* see things, how I feel, how I react, and my life from MY perspective, and I also don’t like being silenced, censored, told what I can and can not say ,write, or post, dictated to, bossed around like I’m one of the kids, or being threatened that my blog will be deleted if I don’t comply.

My family SUCKS.