Screen Shot 06-07-16 at 08.02 AM I saw this on Facebook and it brought back soooooo many happy memories for me! I had this exact same Barbie camper when I was a kid! I still remember I got it for Christmas one YR when I was in Kindergarten and I played with it for YRS, until it literally fell apart. I just loved that thing, and I remember how happy I was to get it and how it was my fave. gift that I got. I had so many HRS,and YRS, of fun with it, and oh, the memories it brought back seeing it!

I remember playing with my Barbies and my cousin would have his G.I Joe’s kidnap them and hold them hostage, and the time when I visited him and we rode the bikes to a nearby farm and swiped apples from the orchard and the angry farmer was chasing us, and we had to pedal out of there FAST, our shirts bulging with all the apples we had filled them with and tucked into our pants, and the time we both jumped off the veranda railing and he ended up breaking his ankle,bouncing around in the back of the Station Wagon, and all the times we went camping, and to the cottage….so many memories of when I used to be happy, of a better time…..I miss those times so much.

Screen Shot 06-09-16 at 01.54 PM Here is also an old photo my friend D(from grade 6)had up on his Facebook page(he’s the one in the denim jacket) it was at our classmate W’s 13th birthday party. It was so long ago and now D is a film maker and photographer but this is how I remember him best. I can still remember the time that he put a dog turd in J’s desk and the teacher made the entire class stay late after school until someone told him who did it, and the time I had a crush on him and I had my friends catch him at recess and hold him down so I could kiss him….and how he kicked me and ran off…we laughed about that YRS later when we reconnected on Facebook and he said  in hindsight he shouldn’t have fought it off, ha!

I wish I could rewind time and go back to the 70’s again.I was so happy then.