Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 03.17 PM Orlando used to be best known for Disney World and SeaWorld but will now sadly be known most for the worst mass shooting in America…..so far, anyway, as they have so many, so frequently, who’s to say when it’s all said and done…if it ever is. 50 people were killed and as many injured, many of them critically when a gunman shot at people in a nightclub. I just don’t “get” the insane gun violence in USA, I just don’t. I don’t get how easy it is to buy a gun, like buying a loaf of bread and how automatic weapons are legal and so easily accessible( the weapon used in the killing in Orlando is legal in USA but illegal here) I mean, what would you ever need an automatic( which basically SPRAYS bullets) for? Hunting elephants? I also don’t get Americans’ obsession and love of guns, and how the “right to bear arms” is valued above citizens’ rights to be able to live safely in a society free from being killed by senseless gun violence? They need some serious gun control yet everyone else sees it but them! It’s like the Wild West!

Another thing I noticed about the Orlando shooting is that the gunman is of  Arab background( although he was born in New York) and they’re focusing on that, and due to that, they’ve labelled it a “terrorist” act, as they always do as soon as they discover the  suspect is Arab and/or Muslim, whereas if he were a white home-grown American( such as the one they arrested on route to the L.A Pride parade who had a bomb and guns) they just call it a “mass shooting”.But to truly be terrorism there must be some form of idealogy behind the act; it must be politically motivated and in the name of a cause, and if it’s just some crazy motherf*cker with a gun or a bomb then it’s not terrorism by definition, regardless of his ethnic or religious origin and to call it such is nothing more than racism.

Since the attack was in a gay nightclub they say it’s a “hate crime”
as well(if it was in a “straight” club would they also call it a hate crime against heterosexuals,too? Of course not)but do we know for *sure* that the gunman was aware of that fact, or did he just attack people merely at a club and it just *happened* to be a gay club? Did he KNOW specifically it was gay and that’s why it was targeted? The gay movement, of course, is also “milking” the tragedy for all it’s worth and using it to further their agenda and cause, not stopping to think that if they WERE specifically targeted that perhaps it might be due to the fact that their loud, brash,over-the-top, in-your-face, shoved-down-your-throats, foisted-onto-society, flaunting and glorifying their lifestyle, demanding that everyone accept and embrace it might actually be pissing some people off, be provoking, aggravating,and not the best approach? Sometimes, just quietly living your life without forcing it on others is the best approach….

On the other hand I was also disgusted to see people posting online, so-called “Christians” that it was “Divine retribution”, “God’s ‘justice'” and that the “Sodomites were being punished for their sin”, etc… I don’t believe that. Sure, they’re sinners, but we’re ALL sinners in one way or another, each in our own way, and no one deserves to die like that,ALL life is precious, and God doesn’t work like that, nor does He condone violence and the senseless killing of innocent people.Sadly the same thing will just happen like we’ve seen before after every tragic shooting in USA: the lawmakers will talk about how epidemic gun violence is and how something must be done and gun control measures need to be enacted,and then time will pass and nothing will be done….and then the next shooting occurs and the cycle repeats itself all over again…but nothing ever gets done and more people keep needlessly dying.