California Bound.

Screen Shot 06-10-16 at 07.21 PM The 21 YR old leaves for California today! He returns back home on the 26th and his friend comes back with him and she’ll be staying here for the rest of the summer. He’s been to California before on a family trip when he was a kid but he doesn’t really remember much of it, like when I took him across Europe when he was 11; he pretty much slept thru most of that trip and hardly remembers it,either. He doesn’t adjust well to different time zones! I’d suggested last night that he go online and  check-in and print out his boarding pass then, to save time and avoid less lines at the airport today but he didn’t bother as he prefers to make things more difficult than they have to be. In any case, I hope he has a nice visit and a good time,and that he’s safe; I always worry in USA about shootings as they occur so frequently there and can happen anywhere; at a mall, a restaurant, the cinema, Disneyland, a festival, etc. nowhere is really safe and it worries me.

Last night as I walked by the 21 YR old’s room I also heard the 18 YR old’s voice as they were playing an online game and he sounded happy and it made my mother-heart happy to hear and I wanted to talk to him and reach out to him and ask him  how he’s doing and see how he is but he doesn’t want me in his life anymore and I have to respect it as hard as it is so I just continued to walk past and pretended like I didn’t notice. I’m sooooo dark now with my suntan I look like a Gypsy as well,  and it reeks like something dead in the backyard,too, every now and then a breeze  comes by and the stench wafts by and I think Buddy must have been eating it as well as he barfed up (on my BED!) and there was lots of FUR in the barf! Ewww! It looked like a cat’s coughed-up hairball.

My hubby’s shoulder also hurts ever since the other night we were playing “Hide The Cannoli” so I guess I’m just too much woman for him,and his knee’s hurting as well( the one he had surgery on a few YRS ago) and he saw the doctor and is getting an MRI next week to see if it’s the same problem(a torn something-or-other; the old man is falling apart)and may need a repeat surgery again,  and Patti’s still in the hospital(she misses her dog so much she’s having her kids bring it in to visit her) and my mother snickered if I care so much and want to look after her once she’s home I should “move in with her….and take Buddy WITH me”(she’s such a bitch) and Patti has 30 staples in her leg,too, and my hubby heard this bizarre statistic somewhere as well if you break your hip or femur that generally you die in a YR as it indicates that everything’s falling apart….yet the kids knew a guy at camp last YR that fell 4 feet and broke his femur and he’s still alive…