The Swan.

Screen Shot 06-11-16 at 06.46 PM Being ugly I had always hoped that when I grew up and got older and became an adult that I would get better-looking, that I would become pretty, like the Ugly Duckling that would later transform into the Beautiful Swan. There was still hope, perhaps I could still “outgrow” my looks and I wouldn’t be stuck looking like this forever, or so I hoped. It was my hope and I held on to that hope for many YRS,and then my teen YRS came and went and I still wasn’t getting any better-looking but then I held out hope that maybe I still could become pretty once I became an adult…..

Screen Shot 06-15-16 at 07.37 PM I was hoping that in time I would transform into a beauty and that I would “show” the bullies that had tormented me for YRS in school, and make all the boys that had always ignored me sorry; I would end up pretty in the end and then I would have the last laugh; the girls would want to be me and the guys would want to date me, and they’d all regret how they’d rejected me and treated me…..but I never DID get pretty….I stayed ugly….and then once I hit my 40’s I got fat,too, and I’m so ugly, big, and masculine-looking people probably think I’m a lesbian,too! I then held out a new hope if I wasn’t ever going to be pretty then maybe I could at least be smart and I could become worthwhile and make something of myself that way instead, maybe become something impressive and brilliant like a neurosurgeon or an astrophysicist…..but that never happened,either.I eventually had to accept defeat and face facts: I was *NEVER* going to be anything. I would never be successful, fabulous, show them all, have my “revenge”, get to watch karma in action, have my luck change, grow “out” of it, transform, become great, achieve anything, or become anything more than I ever was.I guess that only ever happens in the movies or to other people.

As well, the 21 YR old is now in California, and he arrived 90 minutes later than scheduled but he got there ok. I couldn’t believe he was stupid enough to wear his, “I ♥ crystal meth” T-shirt on the plane though! He said it didn’t go over too well with the TSA agents! (you THINK?) I wonder if they strip-searched him?(ha,ha)…maybe that’s WHY his flight was delayed 36 minutes taking off; maybe they were searching HIM?