Scenes Of Summer.

Screen Shot 06-18-16 at 02.30 PM Me relaxing outside, enjoying the hot, hazy weather.

Screen Shot 06-18-16 at 11.36 AM Squirrel in a tree, having a snack. Look closely, can you see him?

Screen Shot 06-18-16 at 11.35 AM Squirrel on our front veranda railing with a cracker in his mouth!

Screen Shot 06-17-16 at 02.19 PM Buddy kicking back and chillin’ it outside on the back porch in the shade.

Whadda Hunk!

Screen Shot 06-15-16 at 08.06 AM Is he hot, or what? This is Muhammad Ali’s grandson, a model. OMG! Sort of reminds me a bit of a young Marlon Brando! Oh, of all of the naughty things I can imagine doing to this guy, starting with whipped cream….sexy…I’d like to ride him like a cowboy rides his horse!

The Dead Thing.

Screen Shot 06-16-16 at 12.29 PM For days I kept smelling this foul, rancid stench in the backyard I was convinced was from a dead thing so I did an inspection but I was unable to find anything. I was expecting a rotting carcass, all maggot-eaten and festering in the summer heat of perhaps an unlucky chipmunk or squirrel, but there was nothing there….other than an old tin of fetid putrid water  so I emptied it out and hosed it down….and I haven’t smelled the horrific odour now for a couple of days so maybe that was it? Maybe the dead thing actually just turned out to be rotten water? It smelled worse than you imagine, sort of like a combination of rotting flesh in the summertime mixed with a garbage dump, topped off with fresh diarrhrea and rotting raw meat.It was so bad it made me gag and almost throw up.Holy Mother of God it was just indescribable.

Screen Shot 06-17-16 at 03.24 PM I also took this summer selfie of me laying outside in the backyard on the porch swing. I don’t actually look half-bad so I put it up here.Usually I look like something the cat dragged in. I was laying out working on my tan as well and after a few good bong “hits” I couldn’t tell if I was laying on my back or my stomach and I had to “calculate” which it was so I’d know which way to flip over to tan the other side, and I felt like I was enclosed in a cartoon “bubble” and everyone else was in their own little “bubble”, too, and mine was a red/orange colour,warm from the sun! “Aunt Flow” also came, 3 days early,oh, well….so there goes my hubby’s Father’s Day present! 🙂

Screen Shot 06-09-16 at 06.51 PM This is the picture I posted in reply to a post a Facebook friend posted saying she “got her colon cleansed” as well, as for probably the first time in my life I was speechless, and she even put up a photo of what looked like a garden hose that gets shoved up your arse…..I don’t know what to say…and Patti was to be released from the hospital and I was hoping to go visit her and bring her up some food and take her dog for a walk for her, but she still can’t walk so now they’re transferring her to a convalesent home, for weeks, possibly even *months* until she recovers, and it’s the worst timing,too, as she moves into her new apt. next week! I also found my old friend G on Facebook (who I used to have the “hots” for back in the day) and I was hoping he’d become fat, grey, or bald now, but he’s not; he’s not the “hunk” he was, but he still looks ok, so now when he sees how fat I’ve gotten(I’ve gained 80 pounds since he saw me last ) he’ll be REALLY disappointed and disgusted, and he’s still single too which made me sad as he’s all alone, doesn’t have any kids, and doesn’t have anyone to love him. I can’t say I’m surprised though as he never really was the marrying “type.”

One of the neighbours (the one who’s husband one of the crazies at the rooming house was shooting at with an air gun) also said they’re back and forth to court still regarding the shooting and the kid who did it is just 16 and already has a lengthy criminal record (typical of the low-lifes here)and lives at the rooming-house with his mother, sister, girlfriend,and newborn baby, and I always breathe a sigh of relief when I safely walk past that house of horrors,too, without getting shot! She also said that L’s husband(another neighbour) is “always high and drunk before 11 am every day” which shocked and surprised me, and it just goes to show you never really know the dark secrets people have,their struggles, or the kind of lives they live or the problems they face.