Thoughts Of Summer.

Screen Shot 06-22-16 at 01.04 PMCheck out this cool flower I found. It sort of smells like clover.

Screen Shot 06-22-16 at 02.31 PMSummer relaxing.

Screen Shot 06-22-16 at 02.39 PM.PNG I made the best chocolate banana milkshake ever…..and then I got to drink it!

Screen Shot 06-22-16 at 02.41 PM.PNG Buddy out on the porch doing a cute little stretch and yawn.

“Tony” T.O.

Screen Shot 06-21-16 at 06.35 PM One thing I notice about Toronto, from growing up there and living there until I was 17 and from watching the news every night as well is that people hardly say what street they live on when asked where they live, but rather refer to their specific neighbourhood instead, and it’s sort of like they’re neighbourhood snobs. There’s like this snobbery in the city where people will only live in certain neighbourhoods and will refuse to look for houses to buy outside of that specific area, and will only live in certain “tony” neighbourhoods, and that people and their “status” seem to be defined by which neighbourhood they come from and live in, and are always referred to as such, for example if you say “Jamestown”, “Jane and Finch”, or “Regent Park” people will cringe because they know that it’s the ghetto, the bad parts of town, beset by gangs, murder, crime,and violence.

There are so many different areas of the city; The Annex, Leslieville, The Beaches, Cabbagetown, Roncesvalles, Kensington Market, Rosedale, Bridlewood, Forest Hill, Liberty Village, The Junction, The Distillery District, The Junction, etc. We used to live in the Upper Beaches, and the really rich folks live in Rosedale, Bridlewood, and Forest Hill. There are also various ethnic communities,too, such as Greek Town on Danforth, Little Italy, Little India, Chinatown, etc. Ottawa has their own upscale neighbourhoods as well such as The Glebe, Westboro(that’s where we lived) Island park( that’s where some of the embassies are) and Rockliffe Park( more embassies, and the really rich people) but not to the same extent that Toronto does. Not like here, in this shitty little town where there are no distinct areas; it’s all pretty much the same and the demographics mainly consist of 3 types of people: retired folks, rednecks, and military(and others who have moved from elsewhere, like us).

As well, a neighbour told me there’s a raccoon with rabies spotted in the neighbourhood and it was foaming at the mouth….oh, that’s just “great”, but Buddy’s never left alone in the yard, and my mother saw her doctor and her blood sugars are still very high despite her diet( probably because she always cheats!) so now she’s on pills for diabetes and he put her on an anti-anxiety med too that she says is to help her sleep. The 21 YR old also went to Disneyland and Santa Monica Pier in California with his friend and went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean.