The Violin.

Screen Shot 06-22-16 at 07.45 PM Years ago, in “another” lifetime, that is, before I had kids, I used to play the violin. This is my old violin, pictured here, minus a couple of strings.It’s been almost 30 YRS since I last played; I stopped when the oldest was a baby as he’d always wail and cry every time I’d play( music critic!) and then the other babies just kept coming…and coming….and coming…and it just got so busy and I just didn’t have the time anymore but now the kids are older and there’s only 5 of them left at home I was thinking I’d like to get back to playing again. Of course I’d have to get it re-strung,and I’d have to get a new bow as well, and I lost all my sheet music and music books after the fire 20 YRS ago so I’d have to get more of that,too, but I really enjoyed playing the violin and it would be nice to get back to it again. It made me happy and now I have more time I’d really like to get back to it again. I’m sure I’d be “rusty” but that I’d be able to pick it back  up again and that it would all eventually come back to me again.

I used to do gymnastics as well, from ages 4 to 20 but there’s no way with my big fat hippo body now that I’d ever be able to get back to THAT ever again; I’m just too heavy to be able to flip and tumble anymore, plus I’d probably end up breaking something or getting stuck or having a heart attack or something. Besides, do you have any idea what a hippo would look like in a gymnastic leotard? Not a pretty sight. I’m sure there’s also a weight limit on the uneven bars and I’d end up breaking them. Talk about humiliating. I wouldn’t be able to heave my fat ass up and over the vault anymore now,either,and probably crack the beam,too. I’d better just stick to the violin.

As well, Patti said she’s probably going to have to stay in the convalesent home for 3 MONTHS until her broken femur is healed.Shit…that’s a long time, and she has to move into her new apt. Saturday,too, so I guess her kids are going to have to move all her stuff and get everything all set up for her?