Screen Shot 06-23-16 at 04.13 PM My mother and I went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for her early birthday( she’s turning 75) lunch. I bet when they saw us two hippos come thundering in they hid alot of the food, ha,ha! We took “All-you-can-eat” as a challenge, and to a whole new level. I went up 3 times to re-fill my plate, making sure I got my money’s worth. I mainly gorged on lo-mein and flat noodles and my mother pigged-out on chicken. I ate so much I was stuffed and I could hardly even move…I even thought I might puke….it reminded me of ancient Rome where they’d have these extravagant meals, tables full of food they’d stuff themselves with, complete and utter gluttony, and even had “vomitoriums”, like basins, made of marble, on the walls,that they would vomit into after gorging themselves, eating then purging, only to continue on feasting.People claim it was only a legend and not actually true, but  we even saw them when we were in Rome; they reminded me sort of like baptismal fonts.(I saw the public latrines,too, which made me laugh,and the holes were all different sizes for all different butt sizes!) I joked they should have had them at the all-you-can-eat buffet,too! I feel badly for the poor Roman slave who’s job it was to clean those things out though! Ewwww!

I also calculated my BMI and it’s 34.25 which is officially obese; if it’s over 30 you’re considered obese, and I’m seriously considering gastric by-pass (stomach stapling) surgery to lose weight, and I’ll have to look into it and see if it’s covered by the provincial healthcare, and my allergies have been bad lately,too: itchy eyes, runny nose,and sneezing every day, and I saw the Snowbirds practicing for the airshow, and the 17 YR old said her friend’s father is in the airshow as well; he pilots the Griffon! I don’t know how she ended up pretty,either, as both my hubby and I are garden-variety “uggos” so how did we ever end up with a pretty kid?