Screen Shot 06-23-16 at 04.26 PM Much to my surprise(and to pretty much everyone else’s) the UK has voted to leave the European Union. I don’t think many people expected it or saw it coming,and,in fact, I think most people had expected the outcome of the referendum to be to remain in the EU. I think it was a bad decision and one that I don’t think they’ve considered carefully or thoroughly thought out the consequences of. There is strength in unity and it’s always good to have someone have your back, for example, if Greece hadn’t been part of the EU during it’s bankruptcy and been bailed out, they would have been up Shit Creek. Being a part of the EU also makes it much easier to trade, travel,and immigrate around Europe.It opens borders more freely that previously had been closed.

They said on the news that the vote was close, and it was divided along age and class lines, with the older, less-educated, lower-class voting to leave, and also the racists who are anti-immigration, and the younger, well-educated, and upper-classes voting to stay in the EU. My cousin(who lives just outside of London) voted to leave and his reason was so that they could be independent and make their own decisions and not have to do what the EU dictated to them, and I also noticed that the Americans that supported the leaving the EU side are also the same types that support  blowhard Donald Trump and his anti-immigration policies, and my Facebook friends in Italy and Brazil also applauded Britain’s new-found “escape” and “freedom” from the EU as well.If I was there and could vote I would have voted to stay.

Now that the UK is out, they have some understanding of how the Colonies must have felt in the past, seeking independence from Britain as well, and now they have left it has already resulted in disasterous fall-out and it’s only just begun: British stocks have fallen,and the Pound is at it’s lowest in 31 YRS, and Ireland and Scotland( who are part of the UK) WANT to remain in the EU so what happens to THEM now? Will they decide to separate from the UK? They also have the Euro as their currency, so what happens with that? Will Spain( part of the EU) demand Gibraltar( belongs to the UK now) back now? Will *other* countries also start to exit the EU now, following the UK’s example, eventually collapsing the EU? How will that affect trade,travel,and commerce?

Some people see it as the UK’s “escape” from  the global elite, but others see it as fear-mongering and over-reacting to immigration and terrorism, and I think it was a bad move that will have long-lasting implications that we don’t even really know the extent of yet not only for the UK but for all of Europe and all of it’s trading partners. The consequences will be wide-reaching but it’s too late now. They’ve made their decision(as hasty and ill-informed as it seems) and now they must live with it….and with the aftermath….