The Graduation And The Tickets.

Screen Shot 06-24-16 at 06.41 PM Here is the 17 YR old, all dressed up, going to a friend’s graduation. She looks so nice! She’s pretty normally, but when she gets all dressed up like this she looks like a princess. I swear, this kid won’t have any trouble finding a husband later; the guys will be lining up for her!I still can’t figure out how we got such a pretty kid though! Still shaking my head at that one…..The graduation was fun and the after-party went on until 1 am and they even went in a limo; now that’s travelling in style! Another of her friends is also going to The Hamptons with her family to visit her cousins for 2 weeks, speaking of swanky and rich folks, and we finished our last day of school Friday as well and are now officially on summer vacation…..except for the 15 and 9 YR olds that is….they’re “behind” in their school work; she’s about 2 weeks behind and has to catch up and it looks like he’ll still be doing his math all summer…..

The 13 YR old also won these concert tickets she didn’t realize were for a redneck country music jamboree so she put them up online for sale and in just a matter of HRS some dumb redneck bought them off her for 300$! Apparantly they were worth 200$ each, for a total of 400$ and she’s always looking for ways to make $$$$$ and now she has even more $$$$ than *I* do! My mother had to clean her bedroom as well so my hubby could re-do her floor and she’s such a pack-rat and hoarder she never throws ANYTHING away and she even found bills back from 1984 when we lived in L.A. and even her university stuff!

In church  they also mentioned how there was this man who sits a couple of rows ahead of where I sit that he’d died the day before, and his wife had just died in May, and it got me thinking, how you just never know….I was so used to seeing them there every week…..and now they’re gone….at least he wasn’t a widower for long and now they’re both together again, but you never know when your time is up…..I have all these nick-names for Buddy,too, incl. “Budmeister”, “Budster”, “Budsicle” “Budsy”, etc.. and he responds to every one of them!