They’re Here!

Screen Shot 06-27-16 at 11.10 AM The 21 YR old and his American sweetheart are back from California! She’s staying with us now for the rest of the summer. He had a nice visit with her and her parents( and to my surprise I was told he behaved himself and wasn’t rude, disrespectful, and didn’t do or say anything inappropriate or any of his racist jokes,etc.) and they liked him! He went to Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, restaurants, shopping, to his sweetie’s graduation, met her friends, went to the cinema and saw “Finding Dory”, etc.He had lots of fun and I’m glad!

Screen Shot 06-27-16 at 10.53 AM He also bought these funky gold shoes(my mother thinks they’re gay)in Hollywood, it looks like something that Kanye West would wear, or something,and he got a cool Rolling Stones T-shirt that even I’d wear. Their flight home was uneventful, except they didn’t have any $$$$ to purchase food as the airline only took credit cards for the in-flight food (and they didn’t have the foresight to buy food ahead of time and bring it on board after they’d cleared security)and neither of them have a credit card so they were pretty hungry. Luckily he didn’t do or say anything stupid  passing thru security or on the plane,either(as he’s been known to do, like on the way there wearing his “I ♥ crystal meth” shirt which didn’t go over so well with TSA) such as shouting, “Allahu akhbar!” joking he has a bomb, or wearing a T-shirt that says, “I ♥ ISIS” or they safely arrived without incident, but with him you never know.To say he’s quite the character would be an under-statement!!

Screen Shot 06-27-16 at 06.54 PM I also cut my hair and here is how it looks from the back, which you never get to see so here it is. The 17 YR old spent the day in Toronto as well visiting  her friend who lives there(she took the train up)as he’s going to be away all summer working and they won’t get to see eachother, and the 13 YR old got this hoodie for her upcoming  “Colour Run” and it has a rainbow on it so I joked it’s her “Gay Pride” hoodie.