The Swamp.

Screen Shot 06-27-16 at 12.37 PM The pool guys came yesterday and opened up our pool for the season…..but it’s GREEN! It looked like a swamp( I wonder if there’s any alligators in there?) but they put in 40 litres of liquid chlorine, a big jug of algaecide, plus a bunch of other chemicals…..the kids were complaining how “gross” the water was(even though it’s clean!) and refused to swim in it…..I’m the only one who will….and besides, people swim in the lakes, rivers, swamps, bayous, creeks, etc. that looks alot worse than this….and with all the chemicals in it there won’t be any bacteria so we know it’s safe….

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 03.21 PM But then 24 HRS later after circulating the water’s looking better! Whew! My mother snarked, “It’s STILL green!” but as the photo clearly shows it’s more of a blue colour now, as you can tell esp. when you compare the 2 photos. We have a big algae problem every YR even though we brush and vacuum it like we’re supposed to, test the water, and put the chemicals in…..things just have a habit of NOT working for us….have you noticed? My hubby and mother are seriously talking about moving next YR(once the 17 YR old goes off to university) and down-sizing to a smaller place and said if so we won’t even be opening the pool next YR as it costs so much $$$$ to run and maintain between all the chemicals and the cost of electricity running the pump.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 03.20 PM Here is the view I have sitting out on the porch in the backyard. I just love it. It’s my peaceful place, my secluded spot, my sanctuary, the place I go to every day to get away from my toxic family, to relax, to de-stress….if we DO end up moving we’ll have to make sure we find a place with similar secluded peaceful backyard that offers me the same privacy, tranquility, and peace,surrounded by trees, although my mother and hubby don’t give two-shits about I want, need, think, feel, say, and my thoughts and opinions don’t matter.

My mother also yelled at me for giving Buddy the “good” ham and I said at least he’s happy, and added, “At least SOMEONE’S happy…..”( indicating that I’m glad that he’s happy even if I’m not) and then she jeered sarcastically, “The KIDS aren’t happy…..but as long as the DOG is!” but just because the 18 YR old wasn’t happy here doesn’t mean that the others aren’t, and she doesn’t think that I’M a good mother,either, but what can SHE say…..and if that’s true then I learned from the “best”(her!) and my hubby said yesterday was something called “Tau Day” too which I’ve never even heard of(I was convinced that he was just making it up) and the only “Tao” I’ve heard of is the ancient Chinese religion Taoism, but he said it was some nerdy math thing….math….ugh! Math is the bane of my existance and the cause of all my highschool misery! I still curse the ancient Greeks for inventing it!

My mother’s friend also told her that when her husband dies that she “won’t be a grieving widow” as she still hasn’t been able to forgive him for when he cheated on her and she’ll never be able to trust him again(I can understand that) and that’s sort of like how I’LL feel when *she* dies,too: she’s such a colossal bitch and so mean to me that when she dies I won’t miss her or her vindictiveness, grudges, meanness, hatefulness, spitefulness, aggravating and provoking me, etc…..