Canada’s Shame.

Screen Shot 07-29-16 at 08.19 AM This country has many shames but one in particular: the way it treats it’s Native People. Not only the shameful past of the Residential schools where native children(some even as young as 4 YRS old!) were forcibly removed from their homes, families,and communities, and forced into gov’t-run residential schools to be forced to abandon their Native language and culture and adapt to English ways and where countless of them were abused both physically and sexually, with many of them dying. It’s a disgrace, and the Native People were here FIRST, they are the only REAL, true Canadians, the rest of us are really all immigrants when you really think about it.European settlers just came in and took over and either killed the Indians or forced them onto reservations and stole their land.

The Native communities were also put on reservations where they live in poverty, hopelessness, despair, and squalor, in Third World conditions, many with no electricity, indoor plumbing, or clean drinking water.It’s hard to believe that living conditions like  this exist here in Canada but they do. They live in run-down shacks( as seen in the photo here) that have insufficient heat for the cold harsh winters and the education that Native children receive is substandard and inferior compared to the rest of the country,and with less gov’t $$$$$ being put into it and into other programs. The Native communities also often more so than not also lack the typical community standards such as community centres, YMCA’s, libraries, and the like and the cost of food is way more expensive compared to the rest of the country as well.

Living conditions on the reserves are horrendous, and with such abject poverty, despair, limited education or job prospects there is a very high rate of alcoholism, substance abuse,and suicide, much higher than the national average, and there is also a disportionately high amount of murdered and missing Aboriginal women that the RCMP just aren’t taking that seriously or looking into in the same way that they would if the crimes occurred in other non-Native communities.

Basically, the gov’t has been screwing-over the Natives for centuries and continues to do so. There is also rampant racism and discrimination towards Native people, such as the average Canadian thinking that they’re all “lazy Indians” or “deserve” to live in poverty, or that they “sponge off” the gov’t, or are all a bunch of drunks, etc. and their communities face challenges in trying to advance in education and career prospects in trying to better themselves and their community standards and it would seem that the gov’t wants to hold them back and oppress them, keeping them in subjection, poverty, and at a disadvantage. The way this country treats it’s Aboriginal people is shameful and a national disgrace.Canada sucks!!

Justice For Sammy!

Screen Shot 07-29-16 at 08.18 AM There has finally been justice for Sammy Yatim and his family after 3 long YRS! In 2013 the 18 YR old was fatally shot by a Toronto police officer (I refuse to name the piece of shit) while he was contained, alone on a streetcar, armed with a knife. It was an unnecessary and excessive brutal use of force and for the first time in the country a police officer was found guilty of such a crime; he was actually *convicted* and sentenced to a 6 YR jail term! This NEVER happens, just like in USA police here shoot and kill people all the time and always get away with it…..but NOT this time! There was actually justice done! I can’t help but wonder though if the outcome would have been the same,however, if Sammy had been black….

During the crisis, Sammy was in a disturbed state, and within mere minutes of the police arriving he was shot and killed, there was no de-escalation, no negotiation, no crisis management, no trying to calm him down, nothing,  the officer just went straight to shooting him, something like 7 times, incl. several shots even AFTER he was already dis-armed and laying on the floor paralyzed and dying, in no way a threat. He never really WAS a “threat” to begin with, and certainly not a threat to warrant being shot; yes he had a knife, but he had let the other passengers off the streetcar and he was on it alone, with the police outside, talking to him thru an opened door, several feet away and they could have just as easily tasered him to get him to drop the knife and to handcuff and arrest him, there was no need to shoot him or to kill him.

The prosecution was asking for a 8-10 YR prison sentence for the killer cop( who never showed any regret or remorse during the entire trial,either) and the defence only wanted a measly house-arrest if you can believe it, with the minimum standard being a 5 YR jail term for that offence,and he got 6 YRS which is still pretty good considering cops always get away with murder and at least he got jail time although I was hoping he’d get the 10 YRS but at least it’ll set an example and hopefully make other cops think twice before they’re so quick to shoot and kill and will make them consider other methods in dealing with civilians first and in particular those that are mentally ill or in crisis.

Unfortunately he was granted bail and has filed an appeal, which can be a lengthy process, even up to a YR, and he will be free in the meantime, although still under house-arrest, and I was hoping he’d have to start serving his jail term while awaiting the appeal, but it’s true that he’s likely not a threat to the public now though since he’s been suspended from the police force and it was as a policeman that he WAS the threat. I’m glad that there has been some justice at last for Sammy and his family and even though nothing will ease their grief or bring Sammy back at least this time the cop didn’t get away with murder like they usually do and hopefully it will set a precedent…..

….and the police wonder WHY the public doesn’t trust them……


Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 08.06 PM My fave. colour is purple. Hippos are also a sort of purple-grey colour. For fun I decided to dye my hair purple. My mother scoffed it’s my “Second Childhood” and I want to “keep up” with my kids, but it’s nothing like that; I’m not trying to be “cool” or “hip” or trying to look young; I just wanted to have fun, do something outrageous and freaking awesome. It washes out after a few shampoos….but what I didn’t know is that it completely took out all the blonde colour and you could see all my grey! I look so ugly,too, and it didn’t end up quite as I had envisioned(things rarely do) as I was hoping for more of a lighter lilac colour. Just look at my big ugly face… asymetrical; my face is crooked, one side of my head looks dented; it looks like one side of my face is paralyzed, like I had a stroke. F*ck, I hate it I’m so ugly……anyhow…..about the hair……I just bleached it all out and went back to the blonde. Lesson learned, but at least I tried. I took the chance. No regrets. Better than always wishing I had but never having the nerve to try it. Life is short.I have too many regrets as it is.

Screen Shot 07-28-16 at 02.06 PM  Here is 2 of my fave. things: purple AND lilacs. I saw this on a friend’s Facebook and I loved it. The 17 YR old and her friends were supposed to go wakeboarding as well but it got cancelled due to the thunder. That sucks. It would have been so much fun! I also invited the 9 YR old to come swimming with me and he snarled, “No, now shut up!!” and it breaks my heart the way my family hates me and treats me,and I wish I knew WHY they hate me and treat me so badly; what did I ever DO to “deserve” it? Every time I try to reach out to the kids, involve myself in their lives, show interest in what they’re doing, or relate to them in any way they just reject me, laugh at me, or tell me to get lost, so I’m hesitant to keep trying again….

As well, my mother sneered that I’m “selfish” when I was watching TV and I didn’t get off the TV and let my hubby watch it when he came in even though *I* WAS there FIRST and it’s not right to just kick me off like that, and she wouldn’t help me call my doctor’s office either even though she knows I have Social Phobia and it’s really hard for me to talk on the phone and it gives me panic attacks,and she’s been even worse lately, meaner to me and bitchier than usual for some reason, so I had to call for an app’t and spent 3 HRS trying to get thru but never could; it was always the machine(but the good is at least I didn’t have to talk to anybody)saying they couldn’t take the call but wouldn’t allow me to leave a message either so I just gave up, and even when I DO get thru it takes at least a week to get an app’t anyway, I can never get in to see him right away.

I think I might have shingles: I have this painful rash on my lower back above my butt-crack and it burns and stings like a fresh tattoo, and I DID have Chicken Pox when I was a baby so shingles is a very real possibility and a friend who’s had it said I should go get the vaccine within 3 days of the first symptoms to lessen it’s severity…..except I can’t get thru to get an app’t, so II’ll just watch and wait and see…..will the rash spread,and turn to blisters and scab and heal up only to return later, typical of shingles……or is it maybe just something else?It’s NOT “really painful” like they say but I do have a high pain tolerance though….I only rated my gallstone attacks a 6/10 on the pain scale…

The 13 YR old also asked me, “How come all your friends are doctors and lawyers?” but they’re not ALL; some are accountants, financial advisors, psychologists, stock brokers,business owners, etc. and the kids are going on a “Colour Run” tomorrow; it’s a marathon where they also get powdered coloured paint thrown on them, similar to the Holi festival in India.My mother complained she wished people helped her as she always helps everyone as well(playing the “martyr” as always)and I told her the kids are always helping her as she has them wrapped around her little finger, and she said because she “does things” with them and I told her, no, it’s because she BUYS things for them, and that’s how she’s always been; she “buys” people and that’s how she gets people to like her, she “buys” them and she uses money as power and control and to manipulate people,and then to prove my point she brags, “I’M the one that gives them their allowance, no one ELSE does, and if it wasn’t for ME they wouldn’t HAVE any $$$$!”

Old Photos.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM Here are

some old photos that my mother came across when she was cleaning her room. This one is her parents( my grandparents) on their wedding day. It would have been around 1939-1940. Theirs wasn’t to be a happy union though as he would come back from the war damaged psychologically from everything he had seen and it would turn him into an alcoholic. They would go on to have 2 live children, my mother(the oldest) and her sister, who was born severely retarded and spent most of her life in the hospital and died at the age of 2. They later adopted her brother, who would become a terrorist when he grew up. Her mother also had 12 or so miscarriages due to her Rh negative blood incompatibility, which runs in our family. Sadly both of them would also die young, around age 50 so I don’t really even remember them.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM 001 This is my mother as a baby, in 1941. We have a framed photo hanging on the wall of our third child and  she looks *exactly* like my mother does in this photo. The head, the face,the eyes, the ears,the pout,the similarities are uncanny, they look like twins.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.35 AM Here my mother is again as a baby in her pram.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM 003 Again here she is in Jr. High, which would be in the 1950’s.