That Girl.

Screen Shot 07-01-16 at 07.13 PM I always wanted to be, and wish I was,

THAT GIRL, the one that all the girls want to be, that all the guys want to have, the one that can have any guy, the one that always gets asked out, always gets asked to dance, always gets the Valentines cards and roses on Valentine’s Day, always has a date, always gets asked to Prom, can get with anyone she wants, gets picked for everything first, gets whistled at and cat-called, gets stared at when she walks into a room, makes the guys drool, is approached by guys, gets “hit” on, other girls envy, clothing fits well on, attracts guys, guys fantasize about, songs and poems are written about, has her choice of suitors, turns heads, makes guys breathless, can turn gay men straight, etc….

But I’m not and I never have been. I’m THE OTHER GIRL.

The one no one wishes they were, none of the guys want, that can’t get anyone, that never gets asked out or asked to dance, never gets Valentine’s cards or roses, never had dates and never got asked to Prom, got picked for everything last, has never been whistled at or cat-called, never gets a second-glance, make the guys recoil, is never approached or hit on by guys, no one envies, clothing does not fit well on, doesn’t attract guys, guys never fantasize about, songs and poems will never be written about, have to always settle in life, never turn heads, make guys  grossed-out,and would likely make straight men gay.

Life is hard when you’re ugly.If I could have 1 wish it would be to be pretty. To be That Girl.

My life would be so different.

BuddyCuddlingOnMyLeg  As well, Buddy woke me up at Midnight banging against and scratching my bedroom door and making these weird noises so was there something behind the door, perhaps, such as a mouse? I groggily rolled over and yelled at him to jump back up into bed and go to sleep, and yesterday I had this strange headache that even pills wouldn’t alleviate,too, so maybe it’s blood leaking into my brain or something…..