The Pool.

Screen Shot 06-30-16 at 06.57 PM

This is the gross sludge that I got off the bottom of the pool!(Where the hell did it come from and how did it get there?)I got lots of it out, plus we poured in 10 or so big jugs of “shock” (liquid chlorine) into it over a 4 day period as well as 2 different alkalinity chemicals, stabilizer, a whole bottle of algaecide, and  brushed ,scooped,and  backwashed it for 4 days in a row…..and now it’s *FINALLY* starting to look better, not completely clear and blue yet, but much  better.We also vacuumed it and I dove underwater down into the deep end directing the vacuum which was no easy feat as I had to push against the suction all the while swimming, and holding my breath! It’s a good thing I’m a strong swimmer! I could feel it got stuck on something too and when lifted out of the pool this dead mouse shot out of it and went flying out!(it was both comical and gross)The only thing that really worked well before to clear it up nice and blue was the big tub of powder chlorine but it costs 60$ and only does twice….and once you stop using it the water turns green again.

Oh, the joys of pool ownership….

Screen Shot 07-03-16 at 04.19 PM Here is the 15 YR old after the 21 YR old did her make-up. She ended up looking like The Joker from Batman or a creepy clown from a Stephen King movie! The kids also tell me the 18 YR old has a new look now: Punk Rocker! He’s apparantly dyed his now-long hair black, has bangs over one eye, wears all black and chains and aspires to get piercings and a “sleeve” tattoo down an arm.Either  that’s who he is and he’s finally “found” himself or it’s just a phase, but I just want him to be happy….I also noticed that on MY scalp I have black and pink mottled “blotches” like those butt-ugly Chinese Crested dogs have all over their skin and I wonder what it is and what caused it…. and now the Polish lady that I always used to see in church every week has died now,too…they’re all dropping off like flies; it’s like everyone’s just disappearing lately…..the church plague….