HippieHippoNew Our parenting, homeschooling, and lifestyle is very unstructured, easy-going, and laissez-faire, sort of like hippies in a way as nothing is set at a certain time but rather everyone just comes and goes according to their own schedules. When the kids were all young we always started school early in the morning, by 9 am but now they’re older and independent it doesn’t matter when they do their schoolwork as long as they do so many lessons per day they can set their own schedule and do the work whenever they want, as long as it gets done. They can sleep in late and stay up all night and do it during the night if they want, as long as it gets done every day, but the time is up to them.It’s like we work on “Caribbean Time.”

It’s like that with everything else,too, we have no specific set mealtimes, or bedtimes; everyone wakes up, goes to bed, and eats whenever they want. Food is prepared and set out a few times a day and you come and get it when you want and eat when you’re hungry. Everyone’s on a different schedule anyway(esp. with some of the kids working now) so it’s just not even possible to have everyone together at the same time to sit down together for meals anymore,anyway.So basically we have people waking up, eating, and going to bed at all different times throughout the day and night, coming and going. It’s like everyone’s on their own different shift, whatever works best for them. We’re very lenient and unstructured like that and it works for us. Everyone also has their activities and events they go to, and it’s mandatory that they go to church every week, but other than that they can divide their day as they wish and organize their own time.

Screen Shot 07-04-16 at 06.37 PM As well, I was attacked, called “ugly” and other names, and viciously bullied on Facebook by one of Patti’s friends just for saying that homosexuality is a sin… THIS is the reply that I gave to the bitch, the picture seen here, and this week the 15 YR old has Fashion Camp and she gets to design and sew a skirt, and next week the 13 YR old goes to Cadets camp for 2 weeks and next month the 9 YR old has Bible Camp, and the 13 YR old gets to be a leader,too!

I went swimming again as well, and I like it that in the water I’m buoyant and I’m NOT confined and restricted by my body and by my weight and I can still DO alot of the gymnastic moves( handstand, somersault, backwards somersault, walk-over,etc.) in the water that I used to do before when I was young and thin but can no longer do, and I feel graceful and free again,and it’s so relaxing and de-stressing too to just let yourself “go” and float peacefully, looking up at the clouds…..