The Butterfly.

Screen Shot 07-07-16 at 08.06 PM When I imagine being in Heaven I will be like a beautiful butterfly. I will be transformed, I will become beautiful and I will fly,and I will be free. I will become a new creation, a thing of beauty. I will be able to soar. I will no longer be ugly, fat, stupid, have Asperger’s, Social Phobia, or any of my medical issues or other limitations. I will undergo a metamorphosis and will be perfected.

All my dreams will come true. I have always needed praise, approval, and acceptance, things I have never had here, but in Heaven I will be welcomed and surrounded by nothing but love and I will fit in and belong.I will be good enough.I will be loved.I will be valued. I will matter. I will no longer be an Other, an Outsider. I will be Home at last.

Screen Shot 07-08-16 at 08.28 AMI also have this vision of me in Heaven running barefoot, wearing a long flowing white ruffled gauze dress, thru a field of sunflowers, with a garland of sunflowers on my head.Only in the vision I’m young and thin again….and I’m pretty. I look the way I wish I did. I am transformed and I am beautiful and happy. This is what I think Heaven is like.

Raw beauty.

Pure love.

Unadulterated joy.

…and you get to meet God!

Screen Shot 07-08-16 at 10.42 AM This is also our grass in the backyard. It’s so hot and dry, it’s all brown. We’re having a drought.It’s been so unbearably hot lately lately as well I sleep naked except for my underwear. Now THAT’S a sight: imagine a hippo wearing undies,just  letting it all hang out. That’s pretty much what you get. Now try and get THAT image out of your head. There are just some things that  can’t be unseen.