Ethnic Festival.

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Screen Shot 07-09-16 at 02.58 PM I went to a local ethnic festival with my hubby, the 21 YR old, his American sweetheart K(visiting from California) ,the 15 YR old, and the 13 YR old. This is me spinning round and round in a gyroscope, like the astronauts do for space training and zero gravity. Only the 21 YR old also tried it. My hubby wanted to but there’s a height restriction: you have to be under 6 feet tall. The others were too “chicken” to try it. The 21 YR old was squealing with delight….but me….not so much because I almost blacked out. Seriously, I thought I was going to have a stroke or an aneurysm or something, but what a rush! Now, much later, my back is also killing me and I’m stiff and sore and hurt all over too. Maybe it decompressed my spine or something?A reporter from a local newspaper was there too and he took my picture and asked my name for his article but I just gave him my screen-name “Pogue Mahone”  as he no doubt took this photo of me with a funny-face as I was about to pass out so I don’t want my REAL name used!

The 21 YR old, K, and I wanted to go parasailing as well but it was cancelled due to the weather( heavy rain later) but we’re going back again, and the 21 YR old cracked with the 400 pound weight restriction that I weigh too much and I’ll break it….ha, ha…very “funny” and I borrowed his funky shoes,too, but at first he was going to charge me 5$ to “rent” them even though he’s borrowed MY Crocs and flip-flops countless times!

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My hubby and I also got our hair sprayed in these funky colours; he got his a bright orange( his beard,too!) and I got mine purple and pink….only it DIDN’T all wash out like it was supposed to( his did)….my typical “luck”; there was still some pink left… I ended up going to church later with pink hair! The priest also mentioned a youth camp in Steubenville and I thought at first he said “Stupidville!


Screen Shot 07-09-16 at 02.59 PM Here’s a view of my funky hair from the side. K took all the pictures. As well at the festival  the 21 YR old, the 13 YR old,and I tried this *REALLY* HOT sauce, and we have a high tolerance for spicy stuff but this stuff was REALLY  REALLY hot even for us and the 21 YR old’s face turned all red, beads of sweat were running down his forehead, his face was red, he had tears coming out of his eyes, his nose was running and drool was coming out of his mouth! I only tried it after he paid me 20$ to, after seeing his reaction! We ate there as well; I had Tibeten dumplings and noodles and the 21 YR old and K had Mexican food but the others just had French fries! I mean, who goes to an ETHNIC festival and orders French fries? It was so cute,too; the 21 YR old and K were holding hands as they were walking along; it was so sweet!

As well, I had to walk home from church as my hubby wasn’t here to drive me, and of COURSE with MY “luck” as soon as I walked out of the church that’s when it started to rain…again….and heavy,too, so I got soaked, and I only have a week left of my diuretic and no repeats and I don’t see the doctor until the end of August so my fluid retention and swelling’s going to get *REALLY* bad and I’m going to puff up like a blow-fish, and the storm last night freaked-out Buddy so much he somehow opened my shut bedroom door around Midnight and ran downstairs! We should re-name him “Houdini!”

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