Return To Amish.

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Return To Amish is back again this summer and since we last left the cast last YR here’s what they’ve all been up to:

Kate is still persuing fashion in NYC and has taken on an internship with a designer but it’s demanding work at a breakneck speed and her co-workers are extremely nosy prying into her personal life,snooping around trying to see if she’s dating anyone. Jeremiah had returned to the Amish when we last saw him in an effort to avoid bad influences and to stay out of trouble but he has since left and now has an Amish donut business where he makes these gigantic-sized Amish-style glazed donuts. He has also been keeping in touch regularly with Sabrina, as she has been struggling thru a heroin addiction. She and her baby had been homeless and were living in her car for awhile until the baby was taken away from her and then she went into rehab and is currently in counselling trying to get her life back and trying to get her baby back.

Mary,Abe’s mother, had previously been shunned by the Amish due to her going to NYC and being “wild” has now been banished which is even more severe, and found she could no longer live in the community so Jeremiah and Sabrina found her a house in another town to rent but her husband Chester loves being Amish and didn’t want to leave the community so he stayed behind and just Mary moved there with Abe, Rebecca,and their 2 daughters. Rebecca is home with the kids but finding it hard with Abe away so much for work. Abe drives a truck for a living is on the road alot which puts a strain on their marriage and makes Rebecca feel like she is a single mother. This causes alot of tension and discord between the two.

Abe’s brother Andy will be released from jail soon but Mary told him not to go back to his wife Chapel as she lies and is a bad influence and for him to stay away from drugs and out of trouble she will only drag him down and if he goes back with her then Mary(his mother) will be out; he has to choose between them, so he chose his wife, whom he says he loves and wants to be with.(I have since heard thru another source that in the meantime she has been arrested with drug trafficking) Sabrina is feeling lonely and lost, like Jeremiah is the only friend that supported her and feels hurt by Rebecca and Abe who she feels thinks are “better” than her and  don’t support her, but they say they have but she just keeps messing things up over and over and they’ve had enough…..

It’ll be interesting to see what happens for this season…..