The Shoes.

Screen Shot 07-14-16 at 08.55 AM I’m finally able to get the 70’s style Dr. Scholl’s sandals I want like I had back in the 70’s! They cost 100$ USD new……but I went on eBay where there was a pair used for 30$ USD so I had my hubby get it for my late Mother’s Day gift as I never got a gift yet and until now hadn’t seen anything that I wanted. We always get over-charged for shipping in this country though and it ended up more than the shoes themselves, so totally it ended up being over 80$, and delivery isn’t expected until the third week of August( later if the mail does end up going on strike unless they resolve it by then) but I will be getting the shoes,afterall! They give me such happy, nostalgic memories of a happy time in my life.

It was funny,too: my hubby was out when I first saw them and there was only 2 HRS left on the bid… I set up an eBay account and made a bid and sent him a message before I went to bed to make a bid too as I don’t have a Paypal like he does to pay for them but I didn’t want them to go…….so when I woke up in the morning I get this notice in my e-mail from eBay that I had lost the bid and that they had been sold….and I was mad, muttering to myself, “F*cker! Some asshole stole my shoes and bought them right out from under me! I hate that f*cker!”……but it turned out that it was my hubby and that I’M the one getting them,afterall! I didn’t know it was him, I thought it was someone else that bought it!

As well, I was so tired yesterday  for some reason that I had a nice long nap in the afternoon, something I haven’t done in YRS, I laid down in bed, Buddy snuggled in beside me the entire time, radio on, and a breeze blowing thru my opened bedroom window, and slept the hot summer afternoon away, and after swimming almost every day for the past 2 weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds,too! My mother also refused to get me butter chicken at a sidewalk sale even though she does get the kids taffy, candy apples, and cotton candy; they don’t have to pay for theirs but I still have to pay for mine and she says it’s because I’m an adult, but what does that have to do with anything? They have more $$$$$ than I do with their allowance! If she can afford to get theirs she can afford to get me some chicken,too.It’s just her being a bitch again and leaving me out.

I also have to stand on a chair to reach the light to turn it on and my hubby laughs that I’m so fat I’ll break it unless I go on a diet….and they always make fun of me; my looks, my weight, my medical issues, and then when I get mad they accuse me of not having a sense of humour and not being able to take a joke, but it’s NOT a joke and it’s not funny; it’s mean-spirited, hurtful, cruel, demeaning, and bullying, and they know I’m broken and damaged from YRS of bullying in school but they still don’t care, they still continue to heap criticism, abuse, insults,and cruel barbs at me all the time and then they wonder WHY *I* hate this family and want out. It’s bad enough when others degrade you but when it’s your own family that’s even worse; they’re the ones that are supposed to love me.